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The unattributable occurs blamelessly

Lifetimes proceed in light of encounters

Selflessness is the regality of impersonal nature

There being no person; the court of no account is wordless

Clearly, there is nothing to know:

Wholly unborn and undying.


Phantoms encountering the world

Who is left out?

Encountering the vertical, there is unutterable firmness

Switching abodes, you take over creation:

The office bustles with unreality;

It is a business where nothing in due course happens.


Already possessing the medicines; malady is presumed and prescribed

This is the necessary step to self-refinement:

Don't settle down in it and make this your career.

Affirmed, you go on

Following the incline of sameness

Prior illuminates have tread.


First awaken on your own, then see someone else

It is your own regal impersonal nature

Waiting on the rise.

Stepping over eternity is not worth talking about

As it becomes you

Just wear out the shoe.

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There's some deep space between those words


hi Harmonious Emptiness~ At the threshold of arriving at stillness on the verge of action, there is a bit of that, yes. Trusting one's luck, one then takes the forward step and reenters the world with hands open.❤

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