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The All is One Paradigm

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Often times when there is a disagreement between people, the cause can be traced to the fact that they see things completely differently, they interpret reality according to different paradigms.


In our life times today, we have seen, and are seeing, the shift from the way of life and way of thinking of the Piscean Age, to the way of life and way of thinking of the Aquarian Age.


As humanity advances, the old ways of thinking, the more materialistic ways of thinking, are falling by the wayside and becoming obsolete. As humanity advances to the future, what will be required, and what is required, in order to be successful and to thrive in the new era, is a shift from materialistic beliefs to more spiritual beliefs. Just as the last Age required a shift from Superstitious thinking to Materialistic thinking, today requires a shift from Materialistic thinking to Spiritual thinking.


Here is an excellent page I found which explains 3 different paradigms for looking at and understanding Existence, Life, and the Universe. The lines are of course not absolute, and cross over can happen, but these are the best clear cut categories of Past, Present, and Future paradigms. The general point being conveyed here is very true. From the more simplistic paradigm to the more advanced Paradigm.


The All is One paradigm-

The Allisone Paradigm

Three Major Paradigm Shifts Throughout History

(Past, Present, and Future belief systems concerning the nature of reality)




Past Paradigm

(The Medieval Paradigm)

Former beliefs. However, some well-educated people still believe some of the following:


The Earth is flat


The Sun revolves around the Earth


Elements are Fire, Air, Wood, Water


Disease is a curse


All planets have magnetic fields


Force of earth gravity is constant


Gravity is caused by planetary rotation


It is not possible to escape earth gravity


Speed of sound may not be exceeded


It is not possible to split an atom


Seeing is believing


Kings have a divine right to rule


Ego must be protected at all cost


Priesthood is God’s appointment to rule


God is a vengeful bearded white man


God resides “up there” in the sky


Hell is fire and brimstone





Current Paradigm

(The Scientific Paradigm)

These are mostly misconceptions and illusions based on Newtonian Physics and still believed by many scientists.



Steel is solid


Space is empty


A vacuum is totally void


Time is linear


Time is a constant


Electrons are particles that revolve around the

nucleus of an atom


Particles have velocity and momentum


Particles have location and position


The poles of the earth are stable


The paranormal (ESP, remote viewing, prophecy, life

after death, ghosts, etc.) is folly


Cold Fusion is not possible


The speed of light may not be exceeded


Matter is inert


Miracles are pure coincidence


Measuring is believing


Kings play a ceremonial role


Ego is a survival mechanism


Consciousness is inside our brain


Priesthood is a control mechanism


God is nowhere


God is dead





Future Paradigm

(The All-is-one Paradigm™)

Based on Modern Quantum Physics and Unified Field Theory. A few enlightened beings held this paradigm hundreds, even thousands of years ago. This Paradigm is a "Tsunami of Consciousness" that is approaching.


Matter is an illusion


Steel is not solid – it is as empty as space


Most of the universe is Dark Matter


Matter is composed of tiny "strings"


Strings are 100% vibration (i.e., music)


Matter is a holographic projection


Space is an illusion – it is not void


A vacuum is as complex as steel


Energy can be extracted from a vacuum


Time is an illusion


The past and future are illusions


Everything that is happening is the past


Space, time, and matter is a continuum


Location and position are illusions


Electrons have no specific location


Velocity and momentum are illusions


Separateness is an illusion


Observation influences an experiment


The universe is blinking off and on


Everything is made of “intelligences”


Everything is a “Fractal”


Fractal Universes extend infinitely


There are universes inside of universes


Parallel universes co-exist with ours


Matter is a “solidified” consciousness


Consciousness is outside our brain


Faith promotes miracles


Ego is another illusion


Priesthood is an obligation to serve


Hell is separation from the Oneness


God is in everything


“All is One”


As the Allisone Paradigm™ becomes a widely accepted belief system, peace will begin to break out on the earth – because each of us will become aware that others are actually One with us – and we cannot harm (or help) another person or thing without harming (or benefiting) ourselves. Whatever we do to others, we do to ourselves.


This Oneness principle is not just a sweet religious concept – it is pure physical reality – to believe otherwise means that we have become ensnared in the illusions that we have been taught all of our lives. There is no evil intent here; obviously, teachers do not teach what they do not comprehend. Generations from now, children will ask the question -- how could their ancestors have overlooked the obvious?


Service to others before service to self embodies the greatest truth of all - "We are All One". There is no duality, there is no "them and us", there is only "Source" of which "we" are all divine expressions of that "Oneness". To deny this, or to focus on "Self" to the exclusion of "Others" is to deny who we really are.

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5 important subjects, not emphasized in schools


1. Fractals,


2. Cymatics,


3. Sacred Geometry,


4. Swarm Intelligence, and


5. Holography.

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5 important subjects, not emphasized in schools


1. Fractals,


2. Cymatics,


3. Sacred Geometry,


4. Swarm Intelligence, and


5. Holography.

i like these subjects. are you going to share your ideas in regards to these 5?


Marblehead made some good points the other day about my "all is one one is all" remarks in TTC chp 11.


in regards to your 3 paradigms, i won't focus on what i object to (for now) i will try and stay where we have common ground. it does seem on a certain level , that you are looking at evolution differently now ?

i have not visited your more recent threads(i do notice they get many views and comments) are you a seminary(or like) student ? the mention of priesthood is why i ask.

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I have not actually talked about how I view evolution or the history of this planet. I have only criticized certain aspects of scientific theories; I have only talked about specific aspects that I don't buy into.


As time goes on a clearer picture will emerge. I am not a seminary student, I have no interest in being one, and I am not religious or christian. However, I am interested in spiritual cultivation, and IMO, in order to fully examine the issue of spirituality, the current religious establishments and popular religions need to be addressed. What I am getting at in this thread, is more about the evolution of human consciousness as a whole. Whether it is science or religion, in the future they will be viewed differently than they have been in the past. This has more to do with the evolution of human thinking than any particular institute.


I will be talking about some of those 5 subjects in the future.

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consciousness is a hot topic on TTB.

i feel both science and religion are faith based belief systems that fail to

provide complete answers. i do appreciate their continued efforts to do so.


have you shared your ideas about spiritual cultivation?

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Not very much yet. When I first came in, I posted a lot of resources and information about many different cultivation systems, but I mostly stuck to the physical and mental aspects.

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