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Dave Chappelle

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Thanks Turbo! I always wondered what happened as I liked that show. It made me laugh. I used to pick up on something bothering Dave and now I know what it was.


Thing is, I can't be too mad at the "Dark Crusaders" for shutting down my laughs because I do agree with them that Dave was working to destroy his own race.


From my perspective, I have no problem admitting my racism and think it is healthy. EVERYONE is racist. I grew up in NYC in the 80's attending melting-pot schools where everyone spewed racist comments and it was healthy because you spat it out and got back to getting along with everyone. You were just acknowledging reality. We were honest enough to admit that stereotypes don't come from nowhere.


However, not everyone is like me and I can imagine that Dave's material just played into the hands of bigots.

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