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  1. What is a good breakfast for a TaoBum?

    Spring/Summer: 2 Hard boiled eggs Juice + Bananas + fresh fruit + yogurt blended Fall/Winter - congee 1 cup short grain brown rice + 6 cups of water Cook for 8 hours in a crock pot on low Add honey and/or butter as necessary for flavor
  2. See the Noble Eightfold Path.
  3. What are you listening to?

    I'm just the opposite, I couldn't listen to their last one all the way through without having to stop listening or getting a headache. Except for a couple of weak spots this album is a masterpiece, intricate, heavy, and loud.
  4. Fire or Water?

    I had BKF's "Longevity Breathing" DVD for some time. The practice contained on that DVD is the best breathing practice and in the top 5 meditative techniques I have encountered. Highly recommended. I need to purchase it again. The practice of this method yields a calm state from which any other practice/meditation can flow. It is a wholly different product from his two CD product. Get the DVD.
  5. The best thing for kidneys that I've found is the kidney tonic tea that the China Health Center in Austin, TX sells. It is powerful stuff. Check it out. They have a pill for and a tea form, I've only used the tea. http://www.austinchc.com/
  6. check out Goenka's Vipassana Meditation Centers. I think you are required to have some time between classes, but they are generally pretty cool and will let you stick around for an unlimited time, if you're willing to work around the center. No ritual, just hours and hours of deep meditation every day. Good luck.
  7. Help with Maths ?

    here: x = y-(0.38196601*(y-(0.61803399*y))) x= y-(.381*(y-.618y)) -->subtract (1-.618) x= y-(.381*(.381y)) --> multiply .38196601 * .38196601 = .145898032 x= y-.145y --> subtract 1-.145 = .85410196 x= .845y y=x/.85410196 substitute values for x to solve for y.
  8. YWyCCJ6B2WE ....Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain... geez man you sound like your brainwashed already. many spiritual aspirants, particularly Buddhists trace their spiritual lineage as far back as written history will allow, this includes tracing it from Buddha down and from their teachers up. shouldn't a legitimate path hold up under the light? what has anyone got to be afraid of?
  9. Get a business degree. In all likely hood you will have to start you own office and it will be essential that you understand how to run your business properly. If you plan on being successful you need to have a business that will provide for itself and for you. You will be able to provide higher level of service at your office when you are able to live more comfortably when you are away from your office. Minor in communications so that you can learn to sell yourself and your service to others. You will need repeat business, the best way to do that is to communicate that you care about and want to help your clients. They need to know that, once they do and once you back that up with results they will send their friends and loved ones to you. You can pick up all the other stuff along the way. Good luck and don't believe the hype, its a hard way to make a living doing accupuncture until you get a solid client base and that can take years of hard work and low pay (in addition to the schooling).
  10. Happy Birthday Yoda and Mantra68!

    Cheers gentlemen! Enjoy your b-days.
  11. Esoteric Agenda

    While its interesting to listen to this...it could all be complete b.s. the narrator sits there and spews facts without any sources. Anybody look up that IRS document he talks about? Its over 600 pages, he could have the courtesy to give us a section or even page number. He is taking some truth, some theory, and a lot of unsubstantiated thinking and rolling it into a film for the uncritical thinker. If he really had something to say he could get to the point, cite his references and not spend 2 hours wasting our time. While the narrator is a skilled rhetorician, his logic seems faulty. I'll post another comment or edit this one when I finish it.
  12. Eyes

    to improve your vision and eyes in general check out this book. i was told that it is the best by a holistic eye healer. http://www.amazon.com/Days-Reading-Without...g/dp/0806520590
  13. Is KunLun Bogus?

    Exactly. Fuck proof. Fuck it all to hell. Go with what makes you happy.
  14. Is KunLun Bogus?

    one heel was just an idea to see how it works for you, i have no idea what to expect, except that you got what you expected the path is a subjective experience, and should be respected as such. i hope that everyone has as much success with their path as they put into it and if you get more than that then hallelujah, you have found the path that works for you. there is almost no absolute truth. experience is the ultimate teacher. do what makes you happy and fuck everyone else. if you tried kunlun with one heel then you are still on the search for something that you will not find, ie: proof. its all subjective. develop your own gongfu and leave everyone else to their own (subjective) happiness.