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A happy day fellow bums,


I recently found the following in my mail as in the past I had a little email exchange with Sifu McNeil and much earlier on got some products from his webside I never really managed to practice due to many different issues not related to the practices at all. As I am sure there are some who are interested especially in what Sifu McNeil offers with no interest in other things at all...


I decided to let you know about this opportunity. I asked Sifu McNeil if it is okay for him if I share this here with all of you and he was positive.


with smiles





My Dear Friends


Most of you have bought some of my books/DVD’s from Taoist Lovemaking, fighting or the healing arts from my website I am Sifu James McNeil, I have been learning and teaching for the past 43 years the old and original styles of internal kung fu, for over ten years I had a retreat center where people would come from all over the world and train four to eight hours a day, they would train, eat and sleep kung fu. Now I am offering almost the same thing in Odessa Ukraine The price will include housing and training by the Black Sea. If any of you are interested please contact me at [email protected] and reserve your dates.


The classes will start on June 27th. and will run into the end of July longer if needed you may stay one week or up to eight weeks. I am doing this so that my students or friends from the European countries can train and learn the old styles of kung fu that I teach without flying all the way to the United States. If this works it will be a yearly event or even twice a year.


I want the old ways to be preserved forever and never forgotten.


Thank you




Sifu McNeil

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