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My name is Justin. I am 28 years old and am seeking my next step along my spiritual journey. I am not completely familiar with your terminology, so If I mistake something, please point it out.


This energy that is called chi here, is granted from the greater self, via focusing beyond the brow chakra? I took many steps to get to the point of accessing this, starting from my root chakra and proceeding to my brow with focus and meditation. I am now at the point that I can divide my focus amongst my heart, brow chakra, and Dan Tien simultaneously. When I am focusing on the brow chakra, by projecting my focus beyond myself, I am engulfed in energy which I believe you call chi. When my focus is set to my heart, I feel intense love. When I focus on my Dan Tien I feel a coalescing knot. It it hard for me to describe this accurately as it is still fairly new to me.


I have learned that the love I feel is a term called metta and can feel love for anything I can think of.


What started me on my path was a book called "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek.


I take everything that I read with a grain of salt and find what is true to me. There is no one path that I have fallowed, although I have had guidance from teaching of Yoga as well as even Enya, whom I consider a Muse. Cogito ergo sum has played a role, as well as Immanuel Kant.


Solfeggio frequencies have also played a role, and has some Buddhist teachings. I have even learned some terminology as well as some humility from the wongkiewkit kwoon/forums, although they didn't take to kindly that I had learned some of what they teach without a Master, and were very sceptical of me.


I have found my Dan Tien and can feel it unmistakebly. What is more is that I can split my focus into three now!


I do offer knowledge in return for what knowledge you may divulge to me. I call it the 6th and 7th sense Theory. Please don't take it the wrong way that I am trying to be a teach, I only wish to share something that is self-evident although often overlooked.


I has been observed since the beginning of many. If you already know this, please do not take it as an insult. I am in no way pushing this on anyone, only showing so that one may decide for themself.


I think this should be considered a Law because it has been observed since the beginning of man. Each one of us have experienced these and they play a part in our interpretation of the world.


The 6th sense is feeling, the 7th is mind/consciousness


I have heard that many easterner's already consider the mind another sense, although I am not certain.





-detected through light receptors in your eyes.

-most people have 3 types of cone and rods. Some people have 1 or 2 types of cone (colour blind people) and some have 4 types of cone (possible new variants of human being).

-The eye also contains many computing neurons that send information to the brain about colour, brightness, and the borders present in the scene.


-detected in solar plexus (celiac plexus), located in the upper abdomen.

-A complex network of nerves where people feel emotions

-Rich in ganglia and interconnected neurons, the solar plexus is the largest autonomic nerve center in the abdominal cavity

-Mostly developes during puberty.



-detected in the pineal gland (sometimes referred to as "the 3rd eye" by some spiritualists, pineal body, epiphysis cerebri and epiphysis by neuroscientist) At the center and connecting the two hemispheres of the brain.

-Produces melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) which also exhibits a circadian rhythm.

-Responsible for the homosapien's sense of self awareness.




-detected through tiiny hairs in your inner ear.

-there are many hairs, different sizes detecting different frequencies.



-detected through your skin. There are a range of different types of nerves detecting temperature changes, torn flesh, high, and low frequency pressure, and more!




- salty, sour, bitter, sweet, and umami. They correspond to sodium, acid, complex(many biologically active chemicals like poisons and antioxidants), sugar, and amino acid (protein). There may be more tastes that we have not identified receptors for. Eg metallic tastes?

-tastes are detected through chemical receptors on the tongue.


- although the human is not as sensitive as a dog, we still have many different chemical detectors in the nose and can detect thousands of different scent signatures.

-smell is slightly different to taste in that the nerves of the olfactory system enter directly into the main brain rather than going through central processing like the rest of our senses.


I am trying to figure out where I am in your regards, and what my next step may be.


I am going to the river to meditate now, and look forward to your responses upon my return.


With metta,



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I hope I didn't come off as arrogant =-/.


Can anyone help or point me to a useful thread?


I am going to go through and try to find stuff on my own, but there is vast amounts of info here, so I could be wading through all your generously posted info for quite a while.

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I hope I didn't come off as arrogant =-/.

Not at all.


The Lobby doesn't get much Q&A activity; it's just a quick stop to introduce yourself. If you have questions, post them in the main discussion area and you'll get a lot more response.


Click on the "View New Content" text at the right-hand of the window - you'll find it useful.


My site (free) might give you an overview of some Taoist concepts.


- Trunk

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