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  1. Measuring emitted qi

    What do you mean vibration? Could someone say he is just shaking? I'm talking about visible signs that wouldn't be able to be reproduced or faked by anyone. I need there to be no doubt that there is something going on, even to a skeptic. Like Wim Hof.
  2. Measuring emitted qi

    I am wondering if there is anyone else who shows visible and objective signs of chi traveling through the body when they are channeling chi. (I am talking about Without instruments, you can see it with the naked eye.)
  3. Do you guys show visible signs of chi? I mean objectively visible?
  4. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Thanks. I was genuinely curious, but whatever. How should I have better phrased my question to not look smart-ass? I am also wondering if the teacher's have websites to sign up for lessons and/or evaluate their methods. What styles do the teachers teach and who are some of your students here?
  5. Measuring emitted qi

    I feel like my chi should be measurable, at least in the brain, I know there is visible evidence of it on my body because goosebumps always appear when I channel the chi. I haven't met anyone in real life that I could replicate experiments with,(run side by side experiments with a control group) and If there is someone like me then I would like to set up an experiment for us, or have an independent party conduct it to eliminate any confirmation/affirmation bias. (P.S. if there is someone like me, then I will send you pics or a video to prove it if you do the same, and we can go forward from there. If you don't feel comfortable talking about it in public then please PM me.) I mean, I've heard of a lot of people it happens to at random, but not really any that can manifest it at will. I'm working with this one guy that is showing potential, but I don't know if it will manifest or not.
  6. I can see in the dark and see stars when I look out the corner of my eyes, I also see purple when I close my eyes. Like if I look directly at the path in the woods at night, I don't see hardly anything, but once I look from the corner of my eyes it is much more visible, It's something about the angle of the light hitting the rods (rod cells) in the retina at an angle and amplifying the light. Pretty weird. One time this guy was practicing healing people with his "higher self" and I saw green while it was happening, which is weird because I usually just see purple. Try looking out of the corner of your eyes rather than directly at something, you would be surprised how much more you can see.
  7. Haiku Chain

    Die of hunger rich, But do not die as a snitch, The lich does not flinch.
  8. Ok thank you. I used both nothing and void Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks ChiDragon, what about the white ones in the corners?
  10. I don't know why but it seems to break after a couple days from that upload site. Do I have these symbols in my avatar: Earth, wind, water, fire, lightning, nothing(void) ?
  11. Haiku Chain

    Brachiate like apes, Prepare for your fate today, Tomorrows for Frey.
  12. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Sorry, I was asking the teachers. I see your definition, I was interested in the teachers and wasn't trying to answer anything . . . (I didn't know certain questions weren't allowed.) My apologies. I guess I'm not welcome to ask a question.
  13. Haiku Chain

    Where's the beat, Hey, gone, with the wind I soar up high, Like a bird I fly.
  14. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Teachers, can you define what is a teacher? Has a student ever been a teacher to you?