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Hello everyone,


I am a simple-minded young man looking for happiness and contentment. So far in my life, I have run myself into ideas and perspectives that...don't really make me either of those. I feel I have only found discontent, lack of appreciation (or understanding?) of what it means to be a man and my limited comprehension of such in-depth topics leads my mind to wander off into realms I would personally rather not set foot in.


I am here to mainly find peace within my Self and my Mind -- I was suggested by a family friend to learn ways of the Tao by going with the flow, etc., to help break old patterns so I may continue my personal growth and expand my awareness of existence. I have run into a few troubles that I hope to bring up in a new discussion and feel as though I do not want to proceed until I knew the lay of the land.


Hoping to learn a bit more about how to gain a more 'mind-friendly' perspective of life,



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