acupressure/jamJong or JamJong/acupressure?

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which order to practice these is more better? any help appreciated :D

Hi taofish,

I would say acupressure after zhan zhuang, because qigong is better for mobilizng the qi. Once mobilized, you can then manipulate it with acupressure.

If you are using it to just mobilize the qi, then you need to use points from both the arms and legs [and maybe torso], this is much more effective than just using points on one point of the body.


Here's a couple of good combinations, use them in the order listed:

Large Intestine -4



Spleen -3



Triple Burner-6



Liver - 3


It's really effective to match points on the arm/hand with a leg point immediately after on the same axis/layer. Like LI-4 and St-36 are both on the same layer [yang ming, i think], and TB-6 and GB34 are also same layer.


Another good combination is LI-4 and Liver-3, this combination is known as the 4 gates in acupuncture, and vigerously circulates the qi.


Hope this helps.

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