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side effects

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I've been wondering with all the super effects that may occur with alchemy

how many may be misdiagnosed has health problems. Including people who do not practice

and find them selves in spontaneous awakening process and all the potential effect.

Of note: leg shaking being included as a symptom of ADHD. Leg shaking to my own knowledge

shows an increasing need of ions mostly serving the sun and moon channel.

From personal experience my body temperature has in the past fluctuated high and low to great extreme.

I'd expect a doctor to become very interested in that and find some kind of

medicine. After that time my temp has been very consistently cooler than the norm. At first

I did not like it, but now it feels much more normal, like the average human body temp is

really a little too hot..


medical diagnosis is based on a psychosomatic average state of human bodies that operate

on far less chi (ions) and have very low life force. Temperature (ionization) sometime fluctuates

wildly when the system is ramping up to reset, some times not. People going through spontaneous

awakening can appear to the medical profession as "anxiety" or "hypertension" which gets a pill

prescription, most of which shut down the core of the awakening process..


what do you think?

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The endocrine system including adrenals are attenuator and emitter

of zero point, tachyon, tao etc.Their cell mass in most heightened

state materialize rather than recover or grow.These centers of the

body even in a polarized state have a direct link to the matrix of

creation.The mind as a constant form called persona bound to the

true self and as a web like construct of world mind formulated

collectively by all of us has a very powerful effect on the streaming

of Tao/Dark matter. The existence of a belief "leg shaking is ADHD"

in the world mind has an over all taming effect on every being alive in

the world at this time. It limits life force as the minds attention in a

negative way is placed on the legs and to the thought "I have a disorder"

rather than to the reason that Tao has made it so, which is always and only



The world mind and our link to it -persona is a super set of rules governing

and reducing our collective potential from beings that simply manifest life

to the conditioned sense of pure physicality "I am just a body" From this belief

rises a need to create the experience of becoming spirit.


There is no way to create what is already manifest, or even to conceive of something

better than what Tao has progressed

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