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  1. every observable level of practice is about mixing whatever appear to bepolarity. If you think about it 'belt' describes something that holds-in and if there is something in, there must also be something out. This level is about mixing just the same way as the KL mudra does. The essential effect of mixing fire and water (solvency) aids to decrease resistance and increase permeability. "veils" fall to release consciousness trapped within the level of matter that formed them.
  2. energy from the 'ground" or sky suggests ions or chi. Yin and Yang referred to in alchemy may be traversing channels not in the body
  4. Antibiotics

  5. Spiritual awakening and car problems?

    It's a Ford Galaxy, so what can I say.. bound to have problems and run forever?
  6. Spiritual awakening and car problems?

    my vehicle was having all kind of kardalini symptoms till I had its universal joint adjusted and so much better now!
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  8. . .

    Ancient Mu before the blue
  9. . .

    MuMu Karma a cows fate blue
  10. . .

    - UN-0
  11. "" The tragedy in Japan has brought into focus, for me, what we could do to help heal the ecosystem. I suggest a novel mycoremediation strategy: The Nuclear Forest Recovery Zone. This approach would be to utilize the abundant wood debris, chipping it, and placing the chipped wood over the most contaminated landscapes. Thereupon, trees with mycorrhizal mushrooms, native to Japan, would uptake and hyperaccumulate radioactive metals, a phenomenon brought into focus after Chernobyl where one mushroom, Gomphidius glutinosus, concentrated 10,000 x the background, ambient levels of cesium 137. "" Paul Stamits Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world