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Drunken History Lesson

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I enjoyed the drunken history lesson.


Wasn't the guy who played Edison the same one who was the villain in Charlie's Angels?

I feel like there's an analogy in that drunken lesson somewhere, and I'm not quite getting it. Are you thinking of the alternating current as being a yin/yang phenomenon? Or was this more within the framework of capitalism not being interested in the alternating current because they had already cast their lot in with the direct current? Seems like there are a couple trees this video could be barking up.


Or were you just sharing a cool vid with your Bum friends?


Either way, thanks!

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Crispin Glover is playing Edison, he was also the father in "Back to the Future". He's been in a few movies.


To answer your other question: I am just sharing a video with friends.


In terms of presenting all events as knowledge, in a mahamudra type style, I will also share these quotes:


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


- Shakespeare


All your lightning waits inside you

Travel it along your spine

Seven stars receive your visit

Seven seals remain divine

Seven churches filled with spirit

Treasure from the angel mine

So slip inside this house as you pass by.


- 13th Floor Elevators

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War is hell.


- William Tecumseh Sherman


Your face seems so familiar.

We've met some place before.

It could be we were lovers,

maybe eye to eye in some... war.

With pulling faces,

screaming like two imbeciles.

Two racing bayonets.

We connect, it's unmistakable.


So don't look you look the other way.

Don't lie back and pretend that you are sleeping.

This is something we're too deep in.

We're destined to repeat.


Come to me my lover.

Speak to me my enemy.

You cannot run away from me

the circle cant be broken.

Look this way my lover.

Look this way my enemy

driftwood on an endless sea...



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