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i, you, we, one

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i = this is my experience... i acknowledge that what i am saying is relevant to me exclusively, and may not be relevant to you at all.

it used to seem egotistical to me to use the word "i" all the time... but now i am realising that most of the time it's the only place to be when involved in a discussion with someone else. if you are not communicating your own experience, who's are you communicating? it's actually probably quite a polite form of conversation.


you = questioning/instructive.

i am trying to be aware of when i use this now... using "you" when writing a post on here, or when talking with someone is like jabbing a finger into their chest... it's telling someone that this is applicable to them and not to yourself. forms an unnecessary division between oneself and the other.... i'm finding it's actually quite impolite and i am finding i don't like to be addressed in this manner... it can come across as a little arrogant, that is when it is phrased as intructions (worst is "you should..."). phrased as questions however is a little different.


we/us = i share this with you. it is common to both of us and i am in the same boat as you. we are together on this one. also quite polite... shows that one can acknowledge that there is connection (and possibly even fosters the attitude of connection with all?).


one = i just realised this as i was writing it as another form. "one" from what i remember is the old school form of addres... why has it gone out of fashion? it's pretty profound actually... "one" it fosters an attitude of being one with all.... the collective self.





as i have been finding that most people like to jab me in the chest lately, this has come to my attention.


if one doesn't wish to be another persons teacher/puppetmaster then should one use the term "you" when not engaged in actively asking questions?

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it's cool, i'm prepared for harshness.... i need noone to tip-toe around my ego and i have no intent nor desire to make everyone refram their language to suit me!


these are just observations coming up for myself with my own language, words are so much more powerful than we give them credit for.... each word can have a preconceived idea (energetic value) attached to it.


i'm not actually trying to create rules, just bringing some issues that are coming up for me into the common space.... again, if it's not appreciated, if no value is being had by my posting i can shrink back down into cyber silence with ease.


however i know that the way i am addressed affects the way i respond. if i feel like someone is trying to teach me, then i'm going to respond in a manner that i don't want to listen to them anymore if i haven't asked them to teach me..... it's got nothing to do with their intent, it's my own deal... perhaps i miss out on something of real quality and thats a shame.


for me i am interested in my effect on others... how can i myself better reframe my own language so that my message can always be most effectively and efficiently transmitted? how can i better my ability to communicate? if i alter my language will it enable people to truly hear more of what i am saying?


so the post is not about me trying to chang you so my ego feels better.....


it's about me putting out my approach to changing myself to allow more effective communication with others.


totally different intention.


don't take anything i say as rules, don't even take it as a guideline or a suggestion.... don't take it as a criticism, don't take it as an affront.


the only thing it is, is an observation from my own point of view.

and the simple fact that people aren't getting that causes me to scuttle back and question again how can i get my message across more clearly, without having to state my intention each and every single time?


if an individual doesn't get my message, it's usually not because of a fault on their part, it's because of a fault on my part!



p.s. "I and I" very cool.... even more unity.

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