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What is your New Years resolution(s)?

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As the years pass, many of us find ourselves stuck in the same place, or still having never achieved a goal that one had committed to achieving many times over again throughout the past. The advantage of embracing change and invoking resolutions to improve one's life among and beyond the New Years is a deeply rooted psychological mechanism phenomenon that many do not take advantage of or only attempt halfheartedly. For assured success, keep a resolution journal and layout goals, time frames, necessary steps/actions EVERYDAY.


My resolution is to meditate at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week and to journal my progress here on the Tao Bums. I will also journal a 4-5 day a week physical training regiment; cardio, weight training, muay thai, and dance.


By committing yourself everyday to your resolution, the New Years will provide a powerful catalyst for unparalleled growth and change, and teach one how to be further dedicate the self to future ventures. Don't sell yourself short, you deserve to be the best potential version of yourself, and the sacrifice to evolve into higher vibrations will be well worth it, for even the concept of sacrifice itself is an illusion, and transcendence of all such illusions will be the base of a great spiritual path. Many people underestimate the power of actually WRITING SOMETHING DOWN.. just do it, try it, EVERYDAY! It doesn't have to be much, just write it down and review it regularly as it will be SOLIDIFIED into your consciousness and thereby forge a powerful psychic energy around that idea, and everyday will get better and stronger. The New Years is a great starting place, it is a new time... a time for development, loving oneself and others, and living peacefully under the eternal embrace of the Tao.

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