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Tao Teh Ching: Eighty-One

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I just have to post this beauty here.

Found in the book" The complete works of Lao Tzu" by Hua-Ching Ni


This to me is a guidepost of the True Tao. Please enjoy!









True words are not necessarily beautiful.


Beautiful words are not necessarily truthful.


One who is achieved does not argue,


and one who argues is not achieved.


One who knows the deepest truth


does not need segmented information.


One who knows vast amounts of information


may not know the truth.



One of deep virtue


is not occupied with amassing material goods,


yet the more he lives for others,


the richer his life becomes.


The more he gives, the more his life abounds.


The subtle Way of the universe is beneficial, not harmful.


The integral nature of a person


is to extend one's virtue unconditionally


and to contend with no one.




Peace to you all!

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