Fire or Ice?

Fire of Ice?  

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  1. 1. What is your experienced sensation with Kundalini (or Energy) rising up your central channel?

    • Heat
    • Cold
    • Sometimes heat and sometimes cold
    • Don't fixate on sensations

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With energy rising up the central channel, I often feel a cold, ice-like (kind of like a mentholated coolness), especially in the regions that the energy has just traversed (so if I feel the energy in the T-1 vertebrae region, the sensation is in the entire column from the S through T2).


This is distinctly different from the chi-flow that I get when doing Taiji or Qi Gong where the energy is more magnetic/vibrating and the physical effect of it is heat or warmth...



What explanations do you have if you have felt that?

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I'm not sure of the difference between Kundalini and the sensations felt during Qi Gong practice. However when I feel my energy rise, it's a mix of hot and cold forces. First into my upper belly, then my chest, and as of recent my throat. It lasts all day as well unless I suppress that energy but I can call it at will now.

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