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  1. Lucid dreaming

    I have lucid dreams almost every night, to be honest. Until a few months ago I would have them maybe twice a week (even in a regular dream I knew I was dreaming but I couldn't make myself wake up or even control the dream. I could only let it runs its course). As far as being more aware of my environment around me, my other senses are heightened as well as my reflexes, but they have been that way for some time now as well. So I'm not sure if there is a connection between the two...I'll write about that in my BOS and see if one affects the other.
  2. Death

    I'm not so sure I understood that. Could you explain more why it's important to live a full and happy life if you believe that you're not going to remember any of it when you die (since you will be brain-dead)? I mean why would living matter at all if you won't have consciousness to recall any of it?
  3. They may not necessarily true. After reading watching "East of Krakatoa" and reading "The Magus of Java" John Chang was able to stop air rifle bullets with his bare hands by using Yin Qi to absorb the energy of the bullets. He even helped two others (his students) to do so.
  4. I think a better question is, "Why do you personally want to be a superhero?"
  5. The Highest Psychic Power

    How about telekinesis? teleportation? or even projection (reality-warping)? (personally I'd like to have that projection power lol)
  6. How much pain can you endure?

    I sit with my eyes open. I could sit with my eyes open but it would make very little difference as I periodically sleep with my eyes open and my imagination can be very active when I want it to be. Similarly a few years ago I taught myself a way to focus even when looking at a light directly and keep my eyes from dilating...it was around the time my headaches started forming. Also my parents made me take gymnastics as a child so bending into certain shapes isn't so painful. Ironically if I sit on a floor with my legs spread in front of me my feet will go to sleep =/ it's always been that way and it can be cumbersome but it's ok because I can walk and run for longer than some of my friends.
  7. How much pain can you endure?

    Hmmm am I the only one who doesn't feel pain in full lotus? I mean yea, after about 30-40 minutes there's numbness but no pain unless I'm sitting on a hard floor. Aside from that I have moments where I can touch the insides of ovens at about 325F and not get burned (not always...mostly when I'm not aware of it).
  8. Nope still doesn't work. You can't use a flash code on public forums. You have to provide links to the photos (that are online...not on your computer) by writing [*img][/img*] around the direct link to the picture. But remove the asterisks.
  9. Interesting point you made--that our mind can touch different parts of our body. In fact all our movements, are controlled by a hidden part of our mind and we just learn to control it intuitively over time until it we do it without thinking about it. The same works with moving our energy and consciousness...it has to be learned intuitively with feeling...not merely by thinking. Energy will flow wherever there is focus. My advice to you is to work on your visualization skills and listening skills in your immediate environment. With your eyes closed, try just relaxing your muscles (whether standing or sitting) and just listening to how your body works...the beat of your heart, the sound of your limbs as you move them, and GRADUALLY extend your senses to sound of your surrounding environment. As you listen try visualizing what's happening with each sound.
  10. "Did not" And I was more or less just trying to relax my mind to and muscles and let whatever happened happen. In my experience it's the image that comes to me repeatedly without any force from me and NOT necessarily the first thing. I haven't tried voluntarily since then...but I've had some involuntary experiences since then.
  11. Has taobums helped you?

    Being here has encouraged me to keep my own Book of Shadows and write down my experiences these last couple of months. Also with the feedback I've gotten for my questions, I've been able to improve my normal skills as well.
  12. Try looking for a reason to develop Remote Viewing. I experimented with it 3 years ago to help me with something. I found that as long as the need was there, I could tap into that power. When the need was no longer there I didn't do it anymore.
  13. Oh sorry, that was meant for the author of this thread. Not you lol I say it's fake as well.
  14. I'm almost certain that it's not Qi as Qi doesn't have an voltage output...it only feels like it. The audio was pretty bad in that video and my Italian is rusty, but it doesn't sound like the announcer is saying anything important. Just telling everybody to be still and watch as he demonstrates something.
  15. Foreskin restoration

    I can also understand not wanting to put your child through that. But most likely they're not going to remember any of it if it's done while the child is a baby. I certainly don't remember anything, nor does anybody else that I know. It's like being born...you don't remember how you got here but you know you're here.