Study with World Renown Revered Master Wang Liping

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Our mission is to help connect earnest seekers to the Mystery School of Taoism Science, to share the sacred lineage practice of World Renown Grand Master Wang Liping to enable all to reach Pinnacle levels in this lifetime.


Grand Master Wang Liping is our 18th Generation Dragon Gate Taoism lineage holder. The Internal Alchemy of the Golden Pill theory and practice was established about 1300 years ago. The purpose of studying with Grand Master Wang is to ultimately integrate with our core level, beginning with refining the Jing/essence to Qi; refine the Qi to Shen/power of mind; refine the Shen to emptiness of the whole; and refine the emptiness to match the Tao of nature.


We learn Internal Alchemy for full integration. If you've been meditating for a while and are ready to make unlimited progress, this practice is for you! If it is your wish to fulfill your ultimate potential in this lifetime, this sacred science Mystery School will give you the systematic methods to empower your growth and facilitate your progress.


Grand Master Wang Liping is the rare Master with the ability and expertise to guide us to the highest possible level. Our practice provides mastery through scientific method and provides the key for full integration.


Please visit http://dragongate-academy.org, which is conceived of and supported by grateful student volunteers of Grand Master Wang Liping. Our mission is to help bridge earnest seekers to share the sacred lineage practice in service of humanity.


We have upcoming Intensive Retreats for December, April and August. Please see our site for details.

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