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Hi All,


I considered sending Scotty a PM to express my sorry for having caused him to remember sad events from his past but decided to make a public statement instead.


I am here on this forum to share my understandings and experiences with others as well as gaining from the posts of other members.


Every now and then a thread will become active that stirs negative emotions in some of the members. This is not, I am very sure, an intentional act by any member of this forum. We do not know all the history and emotions of our fellow members and sometimes when we express our opinion we venture into areas where there are painful memories in the minds of other members.


This happened yesterday and Scotty became very emotional because of something I said. What I said was a statement of my understanding and opinion. I truely regret that and that is exactly why I stopped posting to that thread. I think it would be very sad if, because of something I said, the most enduring memory of me by anyone was a negative thought and emotion.


I have never suggested that my understanding may not be flawed. I am fully capable of making mistakes and of having misunderstandings. But I will never intentionally cause anyone to have negative emotions toward me. Yes, there will be times when I say something that will disturb someone. And all I can do is apologize for that.


But, if I am going to be posting here I must be totally honest with my thoughts, opinions and understandings. If anyone feels that I am flawed in my understanding or that they disagree with my opinion they are welcome to discuss that subject with me. The discussion may allow me to re-evaluate my opinion and understanding.


So all I ask of anyone who engages in discussion with me is to understand that I have no intention of insulting anyone and ask that anything I say to not be taken personally. And in return I promise that I will always be honest to my understandings and opinions when I do make a post. And, if something I have said causes extreme negative emotions all one needs do is send me a PM and I will consider editing that particular post.


So, in closing, I will apologize to Scotty for causing him negative emotions. But I cannot apologize for what I said because what I said was the truth as I understand it.


Peace & Love!

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