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Coral Castle

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So I was just in Florida for a week visiting family, which I'll write all about in my blog later :) but I wanted to write about Coral Castle, which I dragged my brother out to.


Basically this guy, a 100 lb guy, with no help or beasts of burden, and a 4th grade education, sculpted out of multi ton blocks. He says he used magnetic energy and there are ley lines at the site. It is pretty stunning, really. My brother doesn't believe in the ley line stuff but said he had no idea how the guy moved this coral either. I mean, he built like a 9-ton gate. And the whole structure, he upped and moved it and re-arranged it in a secondary location. The 9-ton gate was perfectly balanced for decades, so that you could swing it around with a finger, and when it became unbalanced it took 5 men and a 20-ton crane to fix it. This is documented in newspaper articles, not just an anecdote.


Sadly, the castle was built by Ed Leedskin for his long-lost love, a 17 year old named Agnes that he met in his native Latvia when he was 27. She didn't marry him at the last minute, I think just a couple of days before the wedding; she said he was too old and too poor. He spent years building this castle for her that she never visited. He built beds out of coral and a cradle next to her bed that even rocked. He built rocking chairs, a dining room table, and two argument chairs where you could sit opposite one another and then eat dinner afterwards. He built a table shaped like Florida with a real fountain where the lake is. He built the world's largest valentine, a sculpted heart table with flowers planted in the middle of it. He built this amazing self-correcting sun-dial and a telescope. He built a beautiful obelisk and a moon fountain with sculptures of the planets around it. He even built a pressure cooker.


I am certain that there are ley lines there because I could feel them, but also because the tour guide had people put their arm out and pushed down on it before and after turning the gate, or before and after they moved out of the line, and it was always weaker afterwards. I know there's other ways to achieve this affect, but my brother was pretty blown away.


Photos here:

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