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The Tao of Inner Peace

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I'm going to be doing a thread like: "365 Tao." Posted by Adept.

Except the title of this book is: "Hua Hu Ching." By Lao Tzu and Translated by Brian Walker.



I teach the Integral Way of uniting with the great and

mysterious Tao.

My teachings are simple; if you try to make a religion

or science of them, they will elude you.

Profound yet plain, they contain the entire truth of

the universe.


Those who wish to know the whole truth take joy in

doing the work and service that comes to them.

Having completed it, they take joy in cleansing and

feeding themselves.

Having cared for others and for themselves, they then

turn to the master for instruction.


This simple path leads to peace, virtue, and


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Men and women who wish to be aware of the whole

truth should adopt the practices of the Integral


These time-honored disciplines calm the mind and

bring one into harmony with all things.


The first practice is the practice of undiscriminating

virtue: take care of those who are deserving; also,

and equally, take care of those who are not.


When you extend your virtue in all directions without

discriminating, your feet are firmly planted on the

path that returns to the Tao.

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