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Kung Fu Killers: top 10 weapons

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Thanks for posting this!


I do find it kind of funny that even modern media kinda lumps everything together in "kung fu". Like "deadliest kung fu weapon" as if back in ancient China everyone recognized a single weapon as the peak of deadliness, and only a single style of fighting was recognized as "kung fu" or something like that :lol:


But it's still fun, thanks!

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kung fu

   /ˈkʌŋ ˈfu, ˈkʊŋ/ Show Spelled[kuhng foo, koong] Show IPA


an ancient Chinese method of self-defense by striking blows at vulnerable areas of an attacker's body using fluid movements of the hands and legs.

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< Chin gōngfú lit., skill






So it basically means the skill of self defense, which has no style!


The deadliest weapon in kung fu is the skill of the practitioner, regardless of what physical tools one possesses, the skill or lack thereof to use them overrides their perceived lethality.



A fast enough and well enough coordinated body is deadlier than an assault riffle in the hands of a professional marksman.


To forget this is to forget where personal power truly comes from.

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