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Taken from Dr Lius Dragon Gate Homepage


5 Celestial Beasts

stsnd up, Face North, relax


1) Visualize a green light emanating from the liver, moving out through Under construction the eyes and becoming a Green


Dragon on your left side (outside of you).


2) Visualize a red light emanating from your heart, moving out through the mouth, and then turning into


A Red Phoenix floating about your head.


3) Visualize a yellow a yellow light from the spleen/stomach, moving out though the navel and turning into a


yellow lion in front of you.


4) Visualize a white light emanating from your lungs, moving out through your nostrils and becoming


a while tiger on your right side.


5) Visualize a black light emanating flora your kidneys out through your ears and turning into a black turtle and snake behind you.


Invocation to the heavenly beasts:


"Great universal energy the five holy beasts and give me protection and wisdom"


(When finished with practice, revere the entire pincer)



7 Stars/Big Dipper


Visualize the Big Dipper in the sky. Then bring the Dipper down to your bed (See the white point of light). Arrange the Big Dipper so that you he down on the 7 Stars your head is in the square. (When you lie on your side it matches the shape of the Big Dipper)


The Big Dipper is the name for the seven brightest most prominent stars in the constellation often celled Urea Major. Urea Major is the 3rd largest constellation in the sky, in the North Polar Region. The second star on the handle of the Big Dipper, called Mizar has a companion star called Alcor. Tow Stars, forming the far side of the "bowl" (one of them being Dub he, the brightest star in this constellation) act as pointers to the North Pole Star, Polaris. Ursa Minor or Little Dipper or Litter Bear is also shaped a dipper, with the North Pole Star; Polaris at the end of the handle.



Red Sun Practice


Visualize yourself on a cloud, sleeping. Red sunrises in front of you. Swallow the red sun, which


Stays in your throat area, emanting red light,


Invocation to the Red Sun


"Great universal energy helps me to sleep like an angel and travel the heavens, the mountains and the oceans peacefully and harmoniously."


1) Walking up, stand up (or sit) and face East.


2) Dry Bath. Rub palms together (men 36 times, women 49 firms), and then rub over


Ask yourself, what did I dream last night?


3) 3 sighs


4) 7 deep breathes, filling lunge and then blowing out quickly.


5) Place your consciousness in the 3rd eye and see a while spark.


6) If that doesn't work visualize a black light at bottom point face and body


7) Cover navel with hands (men left hand on bottom, women right hand on bottom).



Eye Exercises


1) Eye circles 3 collections: face circles, horizontal circles, and vertical circles.




2) Look out through your 3rd eye at the heavens. Say your Number (You May see color or light and think of yourself and the lights one.)


3) Bang concentration to the navel and look out the 3rd eye from the navel Say your Number


4) Do Red Sun Practice? (See instructions on next page)


5) Turn onto side. Bottom hand goes around ear and top hand goes over bottom shoulder. Top


Foot zests behind bottom foot with heel of bottom foot resting on top foot. Say your Number.


6) When inhaling contract and when exhaling relax (slightly for both)


7) If you am stiff or tired of one position then you may switch to the other. Simply reverse. It is ok to keep one position without changing.


1) Circular rubbing:


Thumb behind jaw, index finger on outer edge of eyebrow, middle finger in of brow, 4ty finger on bottom of eye in the middle (4 points on each




Rub 100 times in a circular motion (both hands simultaneously).


Best dine with eyes closed.


2) Shake the eyeball.


Thumb is hind jaw, 4th finger and pinky under the eye, first and middle fingers on the side of the eye.


Shake the whole eyeball (with a vibration feeling) 50 times up and down.


Best done with eyes closed.


3) Rub eyes side to side. Middle finger on upper eyelid, 4th finger on lower lid.


Rub side to side 36 times.


Best done with eyes close.


4) Pub ears.


First finger be hind ears, other three fingers in front


Rub up and down 100 times.


5) Pull ears.


6) Rotate head and eyes follow.


Rotate head three times in both directions. Eyes circle as well, following the same movement as the head rotation.


7) BiZe Fa-Green Sight Dharma (secret exercise)


Make circles with your fist fingers and thumbs and look through these




Expand the binocular and inhale through the eyes, then contract the binoculars exhale through the eyes. Repeat for a total of 72 or 108 times.


Best to look at blue (sky) or green.



The Important and Fundamental Rules of QiGong Practice


(Part II )


(The Medical Aspect)


The side effect of physic and mental disorder is usually seen among people practicing QiGong, Meditation, Zen Meditation, self-confine, feast, etc. Teachers and learners are Precautionary against each other. In fact it's because they have little medical knowledge.


Discomfort symptoms caused by incorrect participation can generally be sorted out as the following:


1. Legs paralysis: Symptoms causes deficiency of both Qi and blood, sink due to a deficiency of Qi, stagnation due to heat or cold. In the religious field another kind of legs paralysis should be considered, which is caused by "mental factors", can be easily found in people having mental problems. In western medicine, this symptom appears as serious muscle weakness, hardness of the nerve of side collarbone in back vertebra, and nerve inflammation, etc. All of them have only one reason, that is, long time cross-leg sitting causes extravagated blood or catching cold, or blood vessel declination. Therefore, feet are weak and paralytic. That's why back in the Spring And Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.) and the Warring States (457-221 B.C.) in China people cross-leg sat in straw mats. But then changed to use Chair and Bed. The reason is that when the weather is cold, and warm-keeping is not sufficient, or sitting too long and lacking of movement cause lacking of circulation. Tibet Buddhists prostrate themselves before Buddha instead of sitting or cross-leg sitting for too long. One of their purposes is to prevent extravagation of blood circulation.


2. Stroke: this is the most frequently mentioned symptom. Especially things happen to some people that when they are cross-leg sitting practice. They feel weak suddenly, fall down, can hardly utter words, their bodies cannot move, or they even die suddenly. It includes cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombus, cerebral anaemia, and insufficient oxygen. Cerebral hemorrhage is caused by too much mind working while meditate, vascular sclerosis, too much cerebral congestion, overuse of body strength, so that the vessels break. These symptoms often occur to Marshall Art players, weight lifters. Of course Marshall Art players include TangShouTao, KongShouTao, TaiQuanTao, Judo, SabreTao players and other kinds of boxing players. Cerebral thrombus is due to long time sitting, so that deposited anemia moves to neck artery or head.


3. Qi conflict to Vertex: it means too much thought in mind or too heavy concentrated over head area cause brain cavity hypertension, so that the patient may have hot and red face. Even when you put the center of the palm about one inch over the BaiHui Point (top area of the head skull), you will feel hot heat radiates through the head. The patient may feel quite discomfortable. What makes things worse is that, the hot heat may ascends following the heart beats. Those serious ill patients may suffer from insomnia, can not go to sleep all day along, being unable to think, or losing self-control. This kind of illness Cannot be cured by common tranquilization medicine, western medicines also does not have good effect on it. Only traditional Chinese medicines like JianLing Soup and ChaiHuLongGu Oyster Soup can cure this illness by induce the blood and Qi returning to its original place.


4. Involuntary movement: What is involuntary movement? In fact, after sitting in meditation or cross-leg sitting for a while, the heart blood circulation will be reduced, or the heart may lack of blood, so the compression and peristalsis of abdominal cavity and the heart is automatically speeded up. This results in a feeling that the belly keeps eating, or the body may wobble with the heart beats. But the less blood or oxygen in the heart, the more seriously the sway becomes. And vise visa. If continuing to do this way without lying down fully stretched, or moving a little bit, it always causes sweating all over the body, looking pale, or even the patient die of sudden myocardial infarction. Or some patients may suffer from hypertrophy of the heart, extravagated blood or hemorrhage of the heart.


5. Hallucination or mental disorder or insaneness or madness: when fasting to a certain period, the body may become short of blood sugar, which cause brain lacking of nutrition support and malfunctions. The patients may suddenly feel being caught by devils, or feel just like in Paradise, and seeing religious holy views. Therefore, it is better for participants to take some sugar, especially black sugar and Chinese date. For those who already has hallucination, the patient will be recovered after drinking strong sugar water and lying down for over half an hour, and wait until blood sugar level returns. As for insaneness, the patient may sit still dumbly all day long without eating and drinking, even not being able to realize urinating. This is caused by short of blood and oxygen in the head. Therefore, the patient should take excitable medicine in order to increase blood and oxygen supply in the head. As for madness, it is caused by over supply of blood in the head, which results in over excitement. These people consider themselves as distinguished, intelligent, virtuous and noble. They are fond of wandering, singing and dancing, endless talking, not going to sleep for all day long or for several days, not being able to realize danger in dangerous place, attacking and abusing their beloved ones, or self-beating, cutting and pricking. These patients must be treated by strong tranquilization medicine, or herbal medicines for clear the upper heat and wind remedy. And the patients will be recovered after a period of time. After recovery the patients will not remember their previous illness. Anyway, any symptom mentioned above to the participant should stop their practice right away.


Therefore, incorrect medicinal knowledge or lacking of the sporting and practicing hygienic knowledge may cause side effect of their practice.

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