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Old Man Contradiction

Blood and Qi?

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Any TCM folks out there mind chiming in on the relationship between blood and qi?


Gui Pi Wan is known to promote internal organ blood circulation,

but there has to be enough blood volume under pressure (hemodynamics)

I've heard that the energy goes where the mind goes. I have also read many places that the energy can be lead

to the bones and stored in the marrow. Flat bones usually produce white cells (immunity) where the long bones produce

Red cells (Hemoglobin, erythrocytes, platelets etc..).


I have observed over the years those with a vigorous cardiovascular regimen have Qi for days, taut healthy skin, crystal clear eyes,

relatively low body fat, mojo, (+) attitude. (attributes I always desire)


"The less you do, the less you'll be able to do. Work hard and pay now so you won't have to pay in old age. "

(I can validate this 40+ hours a week)


B.K. Frantzis believes mantra will lower blood pressure... a good way to reduce chances of stroke and heart attack.

Just passing along stuff that floated to the top here.


I must advise a consult with a professional TCM practitioner! It is amazing what you can learn (about yourself).

My tongue and eyes & pulses have been studied by three seperate practitioners in three different states.

I would recommend a blood work up as well. Some cultures refuse blood work or transfusions and do fine based on their belief system.

Positive energy,




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very simple actually. the Chinese have a saying we learned in school. "Qi is the commander of Blood, Blood is the mother of Qi".


They are inseparable. Where one goes the other goes. To little of one slows the other, Too much causes stagnation. the saying in Chinese is the essence of the relationship, although one is yin and one is yang, they can give birth to each other and intertwine.

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