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  1. What is a Bindu?

    Bindu-the word Anu, or Molecule. the true YOGIC interpretation is the Kustastha dot (bindu/bindi). A yogi practicing austere sadhana attains settlement at the kutashta dot which is the subtlest of the subtle. Kutastha is in between the eyebrows. The Anjacakra is the root of the Kutashta.So therefore the Kutastha in the front is reflected by Anjacakra in the occiptal region. The yogi then loses his entity and becomes pervaded by the dot. As my Guru says, Thus he spontaneously is detracted by the gross expansiveness surrounding him and settling in the dot he achieves contraction. Brahmanu is beyond this anu which a yogi attains after further austere endeavours for this is the state of nothingness, it exists yet is not definable, this is Kriyas transcendental state where a yogi ultimately achieves mergence and fulfills his human life. If you have actually seen it then its something you cant put into words, there are no words for it. As for the tantric version mentioned. well that is sheer horsecrap. LOL there are procedures known to a yogi that would use the term yoni etc but have nothing to do with the tantric sex gig.people that are into that are just misinterpreting what a true yogi knows. there is penetration indeed but it is all in the "visualization" and in particular using the items mentioned above........................
  2. Does AYP give bad kundalini advice?

    RIGHT ON. Danger all over that site. some things are authentic but no one to show you how to do it properly. if one is on the right path their are road maps and big red flags along the way that are there for all to see as confirmations. its the same for all though experiences may vary. the guideposts let you know you are on the right track. that site is what it is. can be found here, in other countries and in India as well. i will talk on the crown if you are interested in another posts. almost 10pm here and time to sit. i do like your post though TI.
  3. OK FORGET what you read on Biology of Kundalini. Ms Dixon has NO IDEA what she is actually talking about and I have made that clear to her then she deleted my post which was appropriate considering she was quoting from her site and it is MISINFORMATION and this is what gets people in trouble. Almost all of what is out there to be found is pure crap. Especially when everyone tends to over analyze it. Atom bomb dreams in Laya Yoga. LOL really? I will tell you what LayaYoga is about as an example then im done. layayoga connotes mergence and yoga union. Ms Dixon of Biology of Kundalini has laya and kriya separated. This is fiction. By practicing austere Kriyayoga and mounting the gradual steps of Kriya and achieving the relative levels of realisation, one reaches the transcendental state of Kriya. The basic purpose of Kriya practice is to achieve union with the Absolute. Only if union with the Absolute in this manner is achieved, salvation occurs. This is layayoga, the mergence or absolute union and human life is fulfilled if it undergoes layayoga. No Yogi can return back to his living being state after attaining Layayoga. The present living being state is kinetic, Kriya practice annihilates Prana-dynamism and facilitates the living beings state to become static and attain mergence. The Void or Nothingness or Wu Wei or The Tao or Brahma or anything else you want to call it is STILL. NOTHINGNESS. has nothing to do with the definitions above from the standpoint of TRUTH. Good luck. If you want help then you may message me and I can try to put you in contact with someone that can help you truly and authentically and of course wont charge like alot of others and if they do it wont be much. Improper practice causes Kundalini problems and when i say that i mean its not the kundalini, its the person doing it. How can the Kundalini Sakti or Adyasakti which is the Primordial Female Energy, seat of maximum vibrations by which the universal law of generation and creation is maintained be the problem???? i mean really???? TOO MUCH FALSE INFO. People are not ready for social sites due to truth and misinformation. If interested seek out your path, sift thru the bs and eventually in this life time or the next perhaps you will find what you have always wanted......
  4. Talisman for intent and karma cleanse

    Proper Pranayama and Sadhana to burn Karma is the real only way. I have had the Taoist Priests from Wu Dang Shan do their thing back in 06. Still have the pretty little paper for myself and the one that was burned. Was useless and these WERE actual priest and they performed all sorts of things during the long process. Could they do it, maybe, but the ones that have that power im sure are up in the caves someplace. Its for tourist now IMO and has been. Though these days throughout the west im sure you can find some wannabe that can convince ya they can do it.
  5. Shaktipat

    well ya know i havent been back in a while so i figured i would come in and pick up where i left off. LOL actually i thought it was kinda funny! you know my point, i know yours. the one good thing about this site for the MOST PART (caps here LOL) is that everyone doesnt come in and make some eloquent and elaborate posts about nothing pertaining to the topic and then quote the work of others or worse yet, scriptures to cover up their lack of understanding. at some of the other forums around it seems like a prerequisite. HA but i did say for the MOST PART (caps again!) in a new age world that is shifting consciousness it is good to have people out there doing the new age thing. i used to be that way too. doing the reiki, pranic healing, body talk, matrix energetics, and alot of other things. could have easily said what i did Shaktipat.its good to a certain point because it is the same underlying universal energy that encompasses everything that we are dealing with. However, it is ONLY (caps again) good to a certain point and doubtful that it will help one with certain spiritual goals. will you feel better around a person that does this sort of thing, sure, the energy and vibration alot of times are blissful, you may feel peaceful and have alot of wonderful experiences but in REALITY (caps) it is superficial in technique and understanding at best. eventually people will move on from it and look for that which is deeper and try to gain a more thorough and truthful understanding of their nature. but it seems to me, although i did alot of it and it did help in SUPERFICIAL ways, that it was more of a waste of time and money. but good luck with that. as long as you are having fun i guess.....
  6. Shaktipat

    YEP posting in a thread called Shaktipat when there has been hardly any truth posted on it. It keeps changing subjects so why not "enlightenment" LOL The reason why there has been little on it but you both have posted alot is because neither of you actually do Shaktipat as I have mentioned several times. LOL You would think someone would kill this thread as if a newby came in looking for an answer about what it is there are only a couple right ones on it and it isnt in your answers. Matter of fact they probably cant decipher anything out of the posts including my own due to all the BS that followed it. yeah lets not mention Gurus either and what Shaktipat really is so they will take OUR word for it. LOL 99% of the crap posted is wrong and much of the experiences are HALLUCINATIONS of the kinetic mind, why??? because the mind isnt truly stilled so no real information can come out, only the hallucinatory and imaginary are coming forward from CERTAIN PEOPLES posts.. unless someone is quoting the Buddhist texts with eloquent and elaborate posts to cover up the lack of true understanding of the nature of things, but then that would belong in a Buddhist thread yes???????? Not Shaktipat but if i look back hard enough i am sure i can find it back there somewhere!!!!!!1 good luck and good night.
  7. awww shucks i thought i had it right. seems right does it not. LOL
  8. Kali yuga is over

    I think that Sri Yukteswar is right and it did end. Period. LOL
  9. Listen to fizix. That is a bunch of CRAPOLA. LOL
  10. A question for Vaj the Buddhist

    the classical text Samkhya Karika isnt before the Buddha, but research has led EVERYONE studying it to believe that the philosophy was existent anywhere from centuries to a millenium before the Buddha. And that He studied it. Therefore Drew isnt entirely incorrect.
  11. Shaktipat

  12. Shaktipat

    I appreciate the input but frankly i wasnt trying to say what the Buddha taught. Honestly speaking i would rather practice what i do, or some of the others, and reach an extremely high state after death (maybe not what you call being a Buddha) than have to practice strict Buddhism and right view and everything else only to end up in the same place as i would anyway becuase i wasnt a perfect Buddhist, which very few are. No offense. But many of the others have results and are realizable in THIS lifetime. Very few attain what you call being a Buddha, therefore after all their hard work they will end up either where i will be (or others) or lower and i didnt have to practice Buddhism to get there. and i am aware of what your saying. the problem is we need to get back on with shaktipat. LOL
  13. Shaktipat

    "Why does there need to be one or the other? i.e., every thing is God OR nothing actually exists on its own" I personally dont believe there has to be. LOL I honestly believe without a shadow of a doubt, completely 100%, and believe isnt even a strong enough word here, i would prefer to say i know, that if you practice the HIGHER esoteric teachings/techniques of the Jains, Buddhist, Taoist, "Indian Yogis", Sufis etc that we talk about and you do that at the moment of death consciously that you will NOT have to be reborn or if you are, not on this lowly planet, but in the astral realm perhaps. If you know some of the real higher techniques and practiced them for years then perhaps you escape the astral realm and proceed directly to the causal sphere AND THEN, if you are a true YOGI, BUDDHA, or the like, and you practiced the most advanced systems for years and years you proceed directly to mergance. The simplest method i can think of is chanting OM (internally or externally) when bringing the prana up to the third eye(kustastha) at the moment you take your last breath. Now granted that means no accidents, no drugs if you have cancer, no anything other than just simply dying and being conscious of it. i dont even know the higher esoteric techniques of SOME of the ones i mentioned but i am sure since there are sooooo many similarities between them that you would be safe choosing any. well except the semen, urine, menstral blood meal or chunks or whatever it was thing. i am out on that. i also aint talking about simply doing the orbit or anything of that nature, i mean the real higher techniques that generally arent even found over here LOL some should be happy that they just dont have to come back here. LOL their stay in the astral world will take eons and will be much better then here, the subtler causal sphere would be a tremendous achievement, any of those is better than the gross physicality that we dwell on.
  14. Shaktipat

    EXACTLY. OLD SCHOOL.thats what i am talking about. which seems to be in direct contrast with what some believe. This is what the old school Yogi's teach and seems they have done very well with it. I only have met 5-6 people including my Guru that can breath completely thru the Sushumna.They are all His disciples. Now there are others, of that i have no doubt, but this is a first hand account. When its done properly there are sounds that can be heard. one is a flute like sound (which in our view is why Krishna had a flute, flute had 6 holes for 6 of the charkras, i cant remember the rest of the story but can find it) as i said i have witnessed it first hand and this is done thru a special technique including having khechari in place. (in our view using the hands to block the nostrils is inferior to doing it internally with the tongue, this is what blocks the ida and pingala) once this is done and the ida and pingala are united the flow merges into the sushumna. it also has to do with where you are breathing "in" and "out" from. but i cant go into that. also there other important things to remember about the sushumna and what it contains. (Vajrakhya and in it the Chitrini, the Chitrini is also known as the Brahma nadi (nari) i cannot breath exclusively thru that channel yet. it isnt an everyday thing that someone can just do it. LOL regardless of what some may say. i havent met anyone that braggs about it either, so even if i could i dont know if i would even mention it. LOL what i do know is that it is NOT the same thing as not breathing, or breath retention, or even forgetting to breath for a little while. completely different and experience is quite different as well. there are distinct sounds other than the flute depending on what level you are at. sometimes its like a conch shell etc. if done over a period of time with the breathing stopped and fully in the sushumna there can be no sounds, once the static state occurs it is considered kevala-kumbhaka. but all this takes time to master for instance 12 excellent (internal) pranayamas cause withdrawal from the senses, 144 of the same result in soul oriented visualisation. 1728 of them results in dhyana and 20376 in samadhi. from our accounts of previous masters these are factual numbers based on what WE practice, others maybe different. the beautiful thing is that these things all happen and unfold naturally, there is no striving for them. the more you practice the more things unfold the way they are supposed to. if you read that book i told you about it has the answers based on the realizations of those that have done what you mentioned and beyond!!!!
  15. Shaktipat

    well said