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Taoist Philosophy

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You have no doubt heard of those

Who are good at holding on to life.


When walking through hills and forests,

They do not avoid rhinos and tigers;

When they go into battle,

They do not put on armor or shields.


The rhino has no place to probe with its horn;

The tiger finds no place to put its claws;

Weapons find no place to hold their blades.


Now, why is this so?


Because he is beyond death.



Why The Man Of Tao Is Beyond All Harm


Those who understand Tao must necessarily apprehend the eternal principles and those who apprehend the eternal principles must understand their application. Those who understand their application do not suffer material things to injure them.


The man of perfect Character cannot be burnt by fire, nor drowned by water, nor hurt by the cold of winter or the heat of summer, nor torn by bird or beast. Not that he makes light of these; but that he discriminates between safety and danger, is happy under prosperous and adverse circumstances alike, and cautious in his choice of action, so that none can harm him.

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