The Book Of Lieh Tzu

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The Book Of Lieh-Tzu.


Considered one of the 3 classics of philosophical taoism, it is often overlooked but I feel it is a much easier read, especially for those people who are beginners of the Way, than the Chuang Tzu. For me it has acted as a bridge between the poetic verse of the TTC and the Chuang Tzu.

I've only read the translation by A.C. Graham so I can't comment on how it compares with other translations. An easy read, a bit darker than the Chuang Tzu but with a lot of humour also.

I like to read a passage slowly a few times early in the morning, contemplate on it for a while, and try to use the wisdom gained from it throughout the day.

I highly recommend it.

The same author has a book on Mencius which might be worth looking at.

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