Making Love With The Earth

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Oh, the "dirt" goes with the talking, so you can get fresh with the flowers. :lol:




My older brother runs a small business (more hobby than income as he is retired) growing day lillies up north and we were talking one day and he was telling me that he fertilizes the plants he wants specific seeds from and I'm sure you can guess what I accused him of doing.


Peace & Love!

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Thanks OldGreen for the bump, and you're welcome anamatva! :)


Seeing this post is quite synchronistic, as not only have I recently been redoubling my practice efforts, I have been doing this with particular focus on devotion to the Goddess. One need only look at my recent posts on Kuan Yin to see this.


One development since this post has been my understanding of yin-yang dynamics. It's always been sort of curious to me that Shiva is described as masculine potential, and that Shakti is his active force, but then the formless Tao is described as female and a womb. It also makes sense to me in general that the formless would be yin and form would be yang. But then we have our Mother Earth, often seen as female, representing form and shakti. So which is it?


This has led me to a deeper appreciation of yin-yang duality, which really isn't duality at all. It's yin/yang and yang/yin. There can't be one without the other, and they become each other. It's right there in the Taijitu symbol. But we often talk about yin and yang being separate somehow. Of course they are a polarity, but our limited comprehension makes them a duality.


So this understanding has helped me resolve this apparent discrepancy. It made sense to me when someone (maybe VMarco?) mentioned that patriarchy had switched the roles of sky/void females and earth/form males. Whether or not this is true it definitley got me thinking.


And of course, these metaphysical forces aren't gendered in the conventional sense anyway. But I think personalizing these forces helps us commune with them, especially if we do it in a way that suits us. Thus for me, both the Earth AND the Void are the Goddess. I think spirituality on the planet would significantly evolve if more people saw the feminine as the most apt representation of the divine.

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