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Jing Attiig

Quick Poem

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As humans do and go,

We seem to enjoy argumentation.


Discussing things against each other,

As if only One is ever right.


Were we to release ourselves from any thought,

And feel this mind, just for a second,


A whole universe would become apparent and clear,

Before we ever think - we see, there is sight.



One can know this in an instant,

In fact One already does.


Why bother thinking and hoping and dreaming away,

Sit back, watch, observing that which is thus.


If one needs direction or purpose,

In this everlasting flow, a question of HOW?


Just allow your-Self to rest for a second,

To see the answer, re-FOCUS on where you are, RIGHT NOW ! for those in need of aid or perhaps just stimulation,

in this wondrous and magnificent . . . . WHAT ?

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