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I read "Secrets of the Soil" when I was working as an organic farmer in 1997. Dan Carlson's Sonic Bloom did his research at the U of Minnesota. The sound is ultrasound from bird song which resonates plant stomata so they can absorb nutrients from morning dew.


So ultrasound is also the frequency of bone piezoelectric resonance. We can hear ultrasound internally -- it's the highest pitch we can hear externally -- but when we focus on listening to the source of that same pitch internally then there's an increase of ultrasound. Also full-lotus pressure on the bones will create ultrasound.


yeah Begich is talking about this Princeton physicist's protein music -- but not sure if it's been repeated much:


He's French -- anyone want to translate? haha


Here's another ultrasound power system -- using piezoelectric transduction (just like the pineal gland!!)




Hi! I'm curious if anyone has experiemented with so-called dna sounds or devices like sonic bloom which increases plant growth manyfold. I'm thinking whole body breathing[delivering chi to every cell] while playing these sounds may have a more powerful effect on our qi-gong or sitting practices.

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