Ancient China as it is being discovered

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When coming to China I had to realize that almost all that I was able to see was what had survived the last 250 years of foreign occupation and world wars...

I have been many of the places shown on the second video (I haven't watched the first one yet) in the 1990's - when I was travelong China, I noticed many cavingss a dragon chasing a fiery ball - at the Summer palace, I saw a bronze statue of a dragon holding a fiery ball. It was outside the Imperial Library at the Summer palace. It was the library that was burned by the French and British which held the knowledge of China that had recently been compiled.


The two videos are taught as a portion of Chinese history.


Most of it is in Putongwa but it does have some English subtitles and the video speaks for itself.


They are about an hour each but you will learn...






A new fact coming to life is that the foreign troops met almost no resistance as the Chinese had left the buildings to be occupied as they hid the library...

There were: 10 million record files in Qing dynasty saved



Can you imagine?


Here are the coments of a few of the Chinese on a forum I also write on:



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Yeah, I really enjoyed reading Chinese history back many years ago when I was in school. I sometime wish I could get back into that frame of mind again but anymore the most I get is an occasional TV documentary.


Peace & Love!

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