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  1. There no awakening for Kundalini

    Seth, I'm beginning to think you have found one of the keys to the Tao. For me, to know the tao, it is a journey with myself as a meditator. One of my keys has been a small amulet of a white tiger on top, two green dragons on the sides all embracing the Tao. It is described in The Jade Emperor's Mind Seal Classic. During my stay in China - well over 10 years - I've been finding these amulets - a total of 8 so far - all are hand carved either from, ageless, river rocks or in Jade. My most recent one is pure milky quartz crystal - carved to perfect detail. Actually all are carved by a different technique master in perfect detail. My final discovery was "The Jade Emperor's Mind Seal Classic" itself. Take care Seth. ~jK~ is the chinese character for water ever flowing.
  2. There no awakening for Kundalini

    Read my posts Dummy - I have no intention of playing like children - I am going to continue to post these insults untill my membership in this idiotic website is deleted.
  3. There no awakening for Kundalini

    Mal Speaking of "Total and Absolute Ignorance" ... Only an idiot would write a comment on admitting that he didn't understand what he was commenting on after creating many web pages on KAP AKA: the Kundalini Awakening Process... I Wonder - which is worse - my criticizing while providing definitive grounds for the criticism or Your bitching with no grounds such as illustrated by your post.... Please Note - I requested to have my membership as well as topics and posts deleted WHY HAVEN'T YOU DONE IT? This website is not up to my expectations as it serves only the egomainia of a few that obviously have no concept of Taoist Philosophy or its workings. I Will continue with this debate untill my request is completed. As I said before- STICK IT UP YOUR OZZY OZZ
  4. There no awakening for Kundalini

    Dear Goldie, Please back your 'Belief Oriented' claims with a few reputable outsourcing Urls etc. Any fool can give one example as perfect as it exists only in religious belief systems - which, being that religions are based on politicizing the justification for WAR, are the most imperfect thought systems of humanity as can be seen through the Catholick church sanctioning the molestation of children. In China, many ask me of christianity in relation to Buddhism. I reply with: in Christianity they 'believe' that they can murder your babies, even you and ask their all powerfull (albeit unable to be demonstrated to even exist) god to forgive -and he will forgive- and they will be pure again. In Contrast Buddhism teaches that we all must be responsible for our actions as the only one that can forgive us is ourself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forgiveness#Buddhism Nice try but obviously your '''try''' doesn't quite cut it - You Do attempt to write them off. It only reflects on your attempt to excuse laziness as well as the false point of your unsubstanciated claims.
  5. OBE

    You wouldn't believe the rocks of China... A few Examples. I just bought a little over 750 HK $ of these little geodes that I've been working into various forms of jewelry. Some with strong colors are really nice. I've learned to mix 100% clear crystals with colors of the chakra to bump up the energy of the Kundalini flow. It sounds a bit strange but they do have a vibration to them - which is what gives Crystal Radio's their ability to transmit messages: http://1632.org/1632tech/faqs/radio-spark-crystal.html If I need to leave China one day... I'm planning to open a small shop in a USA vacation area - If I stay - then the crystals are still worth cash - and the value of things are rising consistantly over here. 'till then I'll play with them to see what tricks they can do. (The Chinese girls love them By the way - when China made the one child policy - the parents needed to find a place to keep the girl children and so they sent them to Hong Kong schools... The Female to Male ratio is dominated by the fems.... But - the men have it easy as they are in demand.
  6. Water Method imagery

    SFJ, It seems you like to explore C.G. Jung's images of dream interpretation. Others have used this method of water imagery - such as: "Prophetic Method of Nostradamus Nostradamus used a variety of magical arts and tools to induce ecstatic trances. Visions came to him through flame or water gazing, sometimes both together. he also followed the practice of Branchus, a Delphic priestess of ancient Greece, requiring him to sit, spine erect, on a brass tripod, the legs of which were angled at the same degree as the Egyptian pyramids. The upright position, and possibly the use of nutmeg (a mild hallucinogen when consumed in sufficient quantity -- [deadly when the dose is too large]), stimulated the mind; the angle of the tripod legs was thought to create a bioelectric force which would sharpen psychic powers. Or the prophet would stand or sit before a tripod that held a brass bowl filled with steaming water and pungent oils. "I emptied my soul, brain and heart of all care and attained a state of tranquillity and stillness of mind which are prerequisites for predicting by means of the brass tripod." http://www.dreamscape.com/morgana/method.htm
  7. Maybe some of you can relate to this - I see it under a different light albeit with the same point. This one: Jade Emperor's Mind Seal Classic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The Supreme Medicine has three distinctions: Ching (essence), Qi (vitality) and Shen (spirit), which are elusive and obscure. 2. Keep to nonbeing, yet hold on to being and perfection is yours in an instant. 3. When distant winds blend together, in one hundred days of spiritual work And morning recitation to the Shang Ti, Then in one year you will soar as an immortal. 4. The sages awaken through self-cultivation; Deep, profound, their practices require great effort. 5. Fulfilling vows illumines the Heavens. 6. Breathing nourishes youthfulness. 7. Departing from the Mysterious, entering the female. It appears to have perished, yet appears to exist. Unmoveable, it's orgin is mysterious. 8. Each person has Ching. The Shen unites with the Ching, The Shen unites with the Qi, The breath then unites with the true nature, These terms appear to be fanciful exaggerations. 9. The Shen is capable of entering stone; The Shen is capable of physical flight. Entering water it is not drowned; Entering fire it is not burned. 10. The Shen depends on life form; The Ching depends on sufficient Qi. If these are neither depleted nor injured the result will be youthfulness and longevity. 11. These three distinctions have one principle, Yet so subtle it cannot be heard. 12. Their meeting results in existence, their parting results in nonexistence. 13. The seven apertures interpenetrate and each emits wisdom light. 14. The sacred sun and sacred moon Illumuniate the Golden Court. One attainment is eternal attainment. 15. The body will naturally become weightless. When the supreme harmony is replete, the bone fragments become like winter jade. 16. Acquiring the Elixir results in immortality, not acquiring it results in extinction. 17. The Elixir is within yourself, It is not white and not green. 18. Recite and hold ten thousand times. These are the subtle principles of self-illumination. (Lu Szu-hsing's appended verses) 19. The two images of the dragon and tiger are unified through Qi; Chaos blending as One. 20. It is not possible to attain the eternal just through invocations. 21. The Elixir is called Green Dragon and White Tiger; The Elixir is in the nature of no-nature, Emptiness of nonemptiness. 22. Even if you are unable to make use of the substance, You can certainly make use of the function. 23. Frequently both the substance and conditions for the substance appear together, although these are not always percieved as identical. 24. The ancients said, "the term *emptiness* embraces the entire teaching." * Transliterated by Stuart Olson Source: http://home.comcast.net/~taoistresource/0013so.html[/center]
  8. There no awakening for Kundalini

    The Kundalini, if not used, forms blockages, that -just as the other parts of the body - will decline into atrophy. Eva Wong, in her book "Cultivating Stillness" points to these points of atrophy as worms in the nervous system. To the best of my knowledge, Edgar Cayce: http://www.caycegoldengate.com/ec_story1.shtml -was the first westerner to claim that our body functions could be controlled through mentaly concentrating upon various areas... ALTHOUGH... I am convinced that it is 'I' that tells my legs to move.
  9. There no awakening for Kundalini

    Cat Chasing a fish: Early ~jK~ ish (3AM). l l l l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ l:PB)========== >)))'> ~~~~~~~~~~ ````````` ................ ``````````` ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. There no awakening for Kundalini

    Seth, China is a place of stability such as the 4,000 year old Yi Jing as well as 2,000 year old philosophies that remain true today as they will in the future, etc. etc. etc. Seth, What I am pointing to is that to wander aimlessly as you make guesses as to what to do next is a blind man trying to describe an elephant to other blind people. Seth, in an effort to put things in perspective - you are working to take time from the lives of others which is one of the definitions of murder. Seth keep your in your pants - I see you as you are and I am not one of your kind.
  11. Shaking during meditation

    Excelent website ! These limbering up excecises were the same that I've learned when I was 17 and been reintroduced to throughout my life. #4 is the one I use to release sexual tension and is the one I have found to be most valuable - although- I practice all of these at some time or another.. . Ususlly in the morning.
  12. Shaking during meditation

    Read "Opening the Hand of Thought: Foundations of Zen Buddhist Practice " http://www.amazon.com/Opening-Hand-Thought-Foundations-Buddhist/dp/0861713575 It describes how to make the cushons to ease the pain of a learning the Lotus, in a Japanese Buddhist monestary, as well as a description of what it takes to do 8 hours of meditation each day. Of course there is a system of exercises that make you limber - That can be learned from any 1st year karate class - that is not in the book. Personaly, I used the lotus for about 15 years untill I discovered the bus seat where I could meditate and travel at the same time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It does not tell much else though.
  13. OBE

    Another Master says... 'wtm' date='16 September 2010 - 10:00 PM' timestamp='1284645621' post='213617'] Robert's system was the first where I got the feeling of energy; doing Zhan Zhuang and using his methods. You will probably get disbelievers because they swear that only Chinese originated qigong works, whereas Robert's system also works even though it is not a qigong system. I haven't tried his OBE methods, maybe I'll give them another shot. I will say whatever works: sometimes multiple sources lead you to the truth. Sometimes.................................................... wtm = there are established practioners of all that is talked about on this website - practioners that have been quoted for thousands of years. Not these masters following the masters of XXXX masters of XXXXXXX all for $9.99 per month with an auto upgrade on your phone bi-monthly for same price.. If you attend the seminars for $$$$$$$ One rule we had when I began studying in 1960's was that if it was real - it was free - with the obligation that once recieved - pass it on for the same price. Somewhere the same price became Master XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Obviously I see the need to return to the way of the ancients.
  14. OBE

    I begin to see no sense in watching this drivel of Master XXX books say XXXXXXX while Master YYYYYYYYYYY 's camp says AAAAAAAAAA I repeat: I begin to see no sense in watching this XXXXXXXXX drivel