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Jack Runner


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Hey just a general hello. I've been ghosting this forum for a while now, "accidentally" most of the time. (google always put me here and always found the best answers) I've recently have became quite interested with Nei Kung, and found my way down the rabbit hole to Kunlun.


I've read some threads here and there and have noticed that this whole forum is a bunch of very eclectic and unique souls. Also I dig the general chill vibe; so I decided to join up. I'm mainly interested in meeting people about Kunlun and Nei Kung, but I don't truly discriminate. :P


Big ups to the Mods who run this, and the collective of people who've assembled to create this forum.




PS: it's been years since I've felt compelled to actually join a forum. I MISS EMOTICON!!!! :lol::blink::P

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