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  1. Has The Tao Bums become (B)anal?

  2. The Templet

    Watch and discuss.
  3. Lots of Phoenixes

    The stars must of aligned just right for my ass then to learn. hahahaha. (ya I know that sounds pompous, I feel very privileged and lucky for real though) But ya man, follow your gut; if it doesn't feel right to you look for another school/linage. There are more than one ways of learning Nei Kung, and more than one type that's for sure. Do some soul searching and your answers will most definitely come to you.
  4. Spirit Fighting Training

  5. Hand ninja

    http://www.break.com/index/asian-chicks-awesome-hand-ninja.html why wont this work?? (follow link just tried to edit this like 8 times)
  6. The first yoga mats?

    No it makes you practical. I use a tan cotton OM yoga mat.
  7. Masturbation and Carburator repair

    Give Non back his crack rocks.
  8. free kunlun teachings?

    When I come to Aussy in 2011, we should totally train together. I'll be learning as much as I can while I'm in LA here getting my passport/visa etc, but I'm planning on traveling soon, and Australia is on my "go here now" list.
  9. The Cool Picture Thread