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I've lurked here for quite some time before actually joining because though I was interested in qigong I never had a consistant practice. Well I have decided to begin practicing with Spring Forest Qigong as I have read some pretty positive reviews of the system overall. I'm a Qabalist and a ceremonial magician with a solid background in sitting meditation techniques. I recently encountered a type of emotional upheaval that plagued me for a few weeks to the point where I considered getting a prescription for lorazepam/ativan just to take the edge off. Meditation, which I have practiced for years, did nothing whatsoever to help me ground and center.


Finally, when I was able to meditate enough to seek answers, I was clearly shown that my difficulties were/are energetic as opposed to purely psychic (of course they are intrinsicaly interrelated). After looking over western energetic work such as that promoted by Donna Eden and other energy psychologists I decided that the East has way more to offer in regards to this work than Western culture.


I think that qigong will dramatically improve all my spiritual work whether that is meditation or ritual as well as increase my overall physical and psychological health. I look forward to beginning in a couple of days when my materials arrive. As a Western Esotericist I find that much of what passes off as magick in the West is hyper intellectual to the point of being "dead" for lack of a better word. I have found that by adding the "feeling" or non-intellectual knowing of the mystical that I have found in the Eastern perspective my inner work has taken on greater depth (though I am not terribly familiar with qigong I am very familiar with non-dual Eastern thought).


I have to say that after lurking here for some time I am struck by the level of experience some here have. One can learn more here about the purpose of meditation and spiritual practice than by purchasing many of the pop McSpirituality books on the market today. Its nice to encounter folks who have a wealth of knowledge who are willing to share it.


Well hello again. I look forward to participating in myriad discussions with my fellow Tao Bums. :D



Sundragon aka Christopher

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