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Austin, TX

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I'm 23 year-old Taoist from Lafayette, LA.


I found your website by googling "Im looking for a Taoist master."


I feel very lonely in the Taoist aspect of my life because I don't know many

people who have accepted their Way and can bounce ideas on it back and forth with me.


I also feel that I have fundamentally-profound thoughts, and I'd very much enjoy sharing

them with anyone who would like to do the same with me.


Please feel free contact me, and if you live in or near Austin, let's have coffee sometime.


Lately, the quote "Darkness within darkness, the gateway to all understanding,"

has been a recurring thought on my mind.


My favorite translation of the Tao Te Ching is Stephen Mitchell's.


Thanks to all you bums for giving me a medium to express my thoughts.

I'm sure you'll be reading more from me.


I hope your lives are feeling balanced :)



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