The Sumerians and the Annunaki

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How can they not find a planet at the border of the solar system, when they can look almost everywhere else with great detail? Shouldn't this be a piece of cake for Hubble?


The totality of the knowledge the researchers are dealing with is beyond their capacity to grasp. They find one correlation and construct too many more. Good example is Halley's Comet and the alleged correlation to "waters above the firmament". The comet apparently does not throw off water, but has an ionization trail, like some asteriods in the belt have, too.


A lot of it pretty vague. Also, the gnostics point out that much of the bible contains hidden code, conceiled by stories that are not to be taken literally.


Also funny are the theses about "How did life occur on Earth", that is was brought there, because this only postpones the core of the question, how life could begin anywhere.


In summary, good film to make one interested in questioning our origins, but every detail of the film should be questioned, too.


By the way... from what I've read, old Indian historical texts about 'gods' and our origins might be more interesting and detailed than the Bible.

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