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Hello everyone.

I'm new here.

I've been a spiritual person for the majority of my life. (I am 25)

I've recently decided to get into qi-gong meditation and Taoist male sexual cultivation practices to bring me to a higher conscious level.


I've struggled in my life with depression (not major), and negative thoughts. I feel that understanding the tao can lead me to higher awareness about myself, and a higher connection with "the spirit"/the Universe.

I also have an interest in out of body experiences, ndes, and hallucinogens for meditative/spiritual purposes.

I desire to eventually try dmt/lsd for even more of a spiritual journey.


I recently started the practice of male sexual cultivation and I've been reading the ebook floating around on the net.




How would you guys suggest for me to grow in my practices? Can anyone give me tips/hints/tricks on better qi-gong meditation? Obes? Sexual cultivation?



nice to be on here!



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