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  1. Hey guys. Sorry for my late response. I actually didn't smoke for a long time until recently. I only smoke when all priority's are out of the way. I'm a college student-I don't attend my classes under the influence of weed-and I get good grades. I'm very focused and concentrate hard on my studies. I only use the substance when everything is out of the way and I can make room for it-it doesn't take priority-and I'm in complete control of it. I have gone days without smoking with no side effects/negative "withdrawl" symptoms. Eventually I will most likely drop it all together or save it for weekends etc. Side topic---how does one power their defensive energy? (wei-chi) If marijuana builds up ming fire-can it still be used for spirtual cultivation assistance? If it was to be used how would it be used without leaving other areas vulnerable? Moderation?
  2. I was just curious on how marijuana can impact ones spirtual progression? I smoke on a daily basis--mainly for its curing properties, it helps me to focus, alleviates anxiety/depression, and I use it for aiding in my meditative practices. I find smoking to much of it does cause anxiety/distracts from my focus. So I can't smoke to much of it for healing effects. What are your guys thoughts? What does the tao say? I'm not addicted to the substance-nor have I even been addicted to any substance before. And I don't abuse the plant by intaking to much. I don't need to smoke everyday either.
  3. So is it better to not have a partner then to have one? And if one were to have a partner should that partner be at the same sexual level and to practice duel cultivation with? Being celibate right now seems very difficult as I am young and want to have fun/ experiment yet grow spirtually to. I'm in a Delima and it seems difficult. Lol. I think seeing attractive women every day and given my past and occasionally looking back and "reminising" about my 'playa days' makes it def. more challenging...lol
  4. How can I control my thoughts better? Through practice/cultivation-and understanding of the tao? I feel I'm a very "male archetypal" a "breeder" for say. I also think an underlying issue occurring is the need for women/sex because I have never asked a women out (except for online), and possible restraining feelings coming from being with one partner. Also being able to dwell in this archetypal allowed me to feel a a sense of 'freedom'. Now being with a partner-although spiritually and emotionally compatible I sense myself "longing" for being able to feel that 'freedom'.
  5. Hey guys just an update. So I've been practicing cultivation and to me it seems like my fire is def a lot. I'm a very sexually driven man. A small thing such as some cute girl walking by can throw off my energy rather quickly. Doing a powerlock every time is hard! Lol. One issue I'm seeing come upnis me being in a relationship/confined/controlled or being possibly repressed sexually and me having to deal with these issues for a long time. Being with one women for the rest of my life right now seems difficult!!! I want to grrow spirtually yet it's def difficult with all this "fire" flowing through me. I need a way to direct the nrg otherwise I just get well....so horny I can't seem to concentrate. Oh btw I'm a Leo if no one has guessed yet. Is this normal for a 25 yr oldmale? Is there a way to know if I'm following the right path in my life? Should I enjoy the physical before atttempting spirtual work? Can the two work togheter? Thx!
  6. Thanks guys. I'll def check out the link and include more "water" in my life. . Any other suggestions appreciated!!
  7. I would def say my energy is fire dominated. I'll check out the astrology tests. I live with my gf so I can't just become platonic friends and I don't really want that. Unless she let me see other wmen on only a physically plane which may upset her. I'm struggling on how to bring this issue up to her without her loosing distrust. What would the Tao say for someone whom has excess fire? To even it out with water? And how so? What things can I do to calm the energy?
  8. I'm also starting to read about astral projection and astral love making. Is there a possibility that my partner and I aren't a sexual match? Yet that shouldn't matter so much compared to spirtual compatibility?
  9. I've downloaded a decent amount of meditations/self hypnosis to help me out a little bit. I feel 1 hr a day of meditation will be a good place to start. One of my issues has always been not being quite consistent enough for change to occur, so I need to stay ontop of it. thx for your help!
  10. thats the thing-I eat low carb, I don't drink-expect socially, and I'm done with my "drug days" (even through I never had an addiction issue-it was always for curiosity sake). I can please a women very well (sounds ego filled--lol don't mean it that way). I don't drink much caffine either-just a coffee in the morning (much better compared to when I used to drink 3 diet rockstars a day) lol. I workout very consistently. I don't masturbate often either. I feel like maybe my kundalini is awaking and needs to be directed appropriately? I feel like I need sexual completion/complete sexual satisfaction--my gf satisfy s me emotionally, spiritually, etc. but it seems my sexual energy is just to high! lol Perhaps sitting still everyday, just sitting in the here and now to calm myself is a good place to start.
  11. interesting, so in reality my sexual hunger is because I have scattered to much sexual energy and I am trying to recover it?
  12. First of all before I continue I apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum space. So I've been working on cultivating my chi through sexual cultivation-and it is hard! Let me give you a little back ground history about me-and I'll be upfront about it all. Once I was a player--yes I had multiple women I was seeing. After a while of seeing this women I realized that the women that where in my life where reflecting back on me what I was---empty. I was achieving sexual satisfaction (on a physical level obviously) yet I wanted more. I was seeing a spiritual adviser/practitioner at a local spiritual non-domination church. He advised to me to imagine the feeling of what I would like to have with a women--what feelings would come from being with the ideal women I seeked. So I did so for a while--and low and behold I manifested my current girlfriend off of an online dating service. She posses the quality's in which I seeked out at the time.... however now I am in a delima. I'm a young guy-25, peak of my sexuality. I'm extremely sexual man, I love touch, physical, ontop of it all I'm a leo (for your astrology people out there), I'm sort of a party guy, but I have always been in control of my behaviour. I go to a major university. I see many beutifal females walking all over the place. I found a partner whom makes me feel happy, however on a physical sexual level I find myself not feeling completely fulfilled. I can't really discuss my issue with my current GF as she may become defensive/jealous. I feel that I have a lot of excess sexual energy-my girlfriend pleases me as much as she possibly can in that realm, and I don't make any special requests. I just want to be able to direct this excess sexual energy somehow. The excess energy makes my mind wander off, and I loose focus on my natural ability's. I've been practicing methods such as the big draw, etc. to try and capture this energy and bring it into higher realms---yet it is difficult. I found myself a spiritual matched partner, yet I don't want to cheat! I'm trying to bring myself up higher besides the physical level. Now I know a little bit about tao. I would like to know how my situation fits in with the tao thinking/teaching. Should I even be focusing on spiritual progression right now or is my life at this momement to be more meeting of my physical needs? Is there a way to express physical needs as well as grow spirtually? How can I control this excess sexual energy more efficiently. I understand I'm a young male, and I'm sexually driven by women---but I don't want that to control me! I want to control IT. Any others able to relate to my problem or help me would be greatly appreciated! I find it hard for me to concentrate/focus--or even preform my cultivation excersises because of this issue. Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone. I'm new here. I've been a spiritual person for the majority of my life. (I am 25) I've recently decided to get into qi-gong meditation and Taoist male sexual cultivation practices to bring me to a higher conscious level. I've struggled in my life with depression (not major), and negative thoughts. I feel that understanding the tao can lead me to higher awareness about myself, and a higher connection with "the spirit"/the Universe. I also have an interest in out of body experiences, ndes, and hallucinogens for meditative/spiritual purposes. I desire to eventually try dmt/lsd for even more of a spiritual journey. I recently started the practice of male sexual cultivation and I've been reading the ebook floating around on the net. How would you guys suggest for me to grow in my practices? Can anyone give me tips/hints/tricks on better qi-gong meditation? Obes? Sexual cultivation? nice to be on here! -Will