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Hi all,I have been looking around here since the beginning of the year,but have never posted.

I am a long time practitioner of Chinese martial arts and qigong with a huge interest in Taoism,and consider myself a Taoist adept.

I have practiced Wing Tsun,Yang style Tai Chi and now am strictly dedicated to Toisan White Crane Kung fu,Tai Chi and Qigong(practicing for over a year).

As for Qigong,I have practiced Zhan Zhuang for many years before finding Kunlun, Maoshan 5 element,and finally Michael Winn's Primordial Qigong/Wujigong,which I practice daily without fail.i sometimes practice the Taoist"Ineer Smile" as well.

This is a an informative and cool website.I am happy to be part of the shared knowledge here!

Thanks Taoist brothers!

Frank D'Angelo

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