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  1. Which Qigong practice is your favorite?

    I personally love:"Primordial Qigong" or 'wujigong" which literally means "develops skill for entering the Supreme Mystery". If you are not familiar with it ,you can read about it at American Taoist Michael Winn's site: http://www.taichi-enlightenment.com/ I practice this form daily,and it is a a powerful form of Taoist inner alchemy. I also like and practice Spring Forest healing Qigong Developed by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin You can learn it here: http://springforestqigong.com/try_sfq_ae.htm AND last but not least all the qigongs from Max Christensen: Kunlun,Maoshan 5 element,The secret of the Golden Flower of Maoshan,etc Just my humble 2 cents worth! Chi!
  2. Hello

    Thanks friend! Bliss to you!
  3. Primordial Qigong

    Ryan I love this form and have practiced it daily since Feb. 2009.I feel it is a very powerful and effective qigong form,that speaks to me more directly than any other.I learned it from the instructional DVD,and have been in contact with Michael Winn himself...he is a cool guy with much knowledge. As a result of my practicing this form I find I have made some great progress internally ,opening up my energy pathways even more ,become VERY grounded,made some interesting spiritual advances and it had also helped me with my gong fu! Interested in Inner Alchemy advancement? THIS is the form!Just my humble opinion!
  4. Hello

    Hi all,I have been looking around here since the beginning of the year,but have never posted. I am a long time practitioner of Chinese martial arts and qigong with a huge interest in Taoism,and consider myself a Taoist adept. I have practiced Wing Tsun,Yang style Tai Chi and now am strictly dedicated to Toisan White Crane Kung fu,Tai Chi and Qigong(practicing for over a year). As for Qigong,I have practiced Zhan Zhuang for many years before finding Kunlun, Maoshan 5 element,and finally Michael Winn's Primordial Qigong/Wujigong,which I practice daily without fail.i sometimes practice the Taoist"Ineer Smile" as well. This is a an informative and cool website.I am happy to be part of the shared knowledge here! Thanks Taoist brothers! Frank D'Angelo