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Update on my talks..for the kids.

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Hey folks,


Recently I asked you guys for ideas of topics regarding a series of talks I have to give to a group of kids (15-16 yo).


It has been going well, right now we are just discussing possible future topics, and what they want to cover within the group. We have discussed two topics so far, one was Gods love, and just love in general. It was a spontaneous topic, but we talked about it because a few days before in their youth group service they discussed sending Gods love to people, but we couldn't really define it, so we talked on that for a bit. Then we discussed what they would do if they won the lottery, how it would affect their lives, as well as their spiritual lives.


Any more topic ideas would be amazing. I started a blog so the kids could read a bit more into some of the topics we talk about.



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Hey Fox,


Good to hear the talks went well did they have fun with any particular discussion topic more than others?


I like the topic of universal (god's) love. Love is always good.


Perhaps you could compare a practice like loving kindness meditation

usually something like cultivating loving-kindness towards:


A good friend

A 'neutral' person

A difficult person

All four

and then gradually the entire Universe


to what Jesus would do as he does loving kindness. but I can't help you with specifics. Perhaps Prince or Daren or someone more in that field than me :)

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