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  1. A friend of mine and I just did a quick tai chi practice. It involved a few forms, most I had seen before. I have never really done tai chi before, but all that we did I have seen done on the dvds I own. At one point we lifted our hands from our crown to our belly buttons. Ever since I have had an intense heat in my body, and am feeling almost dizzy. Did I just get over heated?
  2. I think it can be done with humility. I'm in.
  3. Guys, I am so calm, level headed, peaceful and blissful on my own. I am the same at college, around my friends, around my girlfriend. However, Coming home, I cannot stand it. My family are miserable, they whine, they complain, they judge. I just got told I laugh and smile too much, ...see what I mean? They bicker, they fight, and my mom constantly is complaining about depression and her "fucked up" life, that isn't fucked up whatsoever. Their negative attitudes are wearing me down, I am finding myself frustrated, hurt, and downright angry when my siblings start trouble. This is not like me. How do you deal with people who suck away your good energy?
  4. Meditation driving me nuts

    Hello friend, You won't be able to sit and meditate for hours right away. The key is: Slowly. Your mind is racing right now, jumping between meditations, being confused about what to do, what not to do.. Stop. And just be. That is meditation. So just sit, and focus on your breath as people have mentioned before. I started out only being able to sit 5-10 minutes at a time, and I built upon that.. You are fine, just remember.. Be natural, just be, and be slowly.
  5. Enlightenment is a cultural myth?

    Everything is a cultural myth.
  6. Replinishment.

    I know the topics of sexual energy have been beaten to death, but I feel as if all of them were ages old and from members long gone. I feel as if I would like advice from you guys, my friends, on the subject. I hold no kung fu practice, (I'm athletic, running and yoga twice a week), and meditate daily. I am in a long distance relationship, when my girlfriend and I do meet we have sex quite often. However, when I am celibate for weeks at a time I am overflowing with amazing energy, and whenever I ejaculate, it all goes bye bye. I feel tired for days, now not too lethargic to where it is a sickness but moreso where as I am not as outgoing or energetic.. It's a huge change from when I do not ejaculate or have sex. Should I start any sort of sexual practice? If so, how? and what is the safest? and that can be done without having to buy a book. I have been told as long as i'm not over doing it I am fine.. but even once every two weeks or once every week drainsss me. I want to keep my energy and my feeling of fullness and still be able to have sex. It's no fair! haha. Also, would any supplements replinish my energy afterwards? I hear fish oil and zinc? I know this has been mentioned lots, but please converse with me. Fox
  7. A God Crisis.

    I've come into a crisis. This wasn't even a crisis till I tried labeling things, however at times, I guess things do need a label. I believe in a higher power, but I do not believe in a God of personification, I believe in a God that is everywhere, that is in the smile of others and in the curve of the horizon, a God that is in the water and trees. He may posess a physical form, but that form is beyond my realm of comprehension. I believe that Jesus Christ was an amazing enlightened being, but I am not sure about him being a saviour, honestly, after 12 years of Christian schools I'm not really sure I get why he is our saviour, I mean, we are all "God's children".. right? I am also unsure of a christian afterlife, I don't believe that a loving creator would let someone burn in hell for eternity because they are a bad person. Average life span-100 years (i'm an optimist). Time maybe spent in hell- ETERNITY Doing the math wouldn't that make God an ass? I know this isn't a Christian forum, but I just have been really into Eastern thought, and I give talks to a youth group and help with a local Christian church, and lately I feel out of place.. Though I think my talks on stillness and breaking concepts of what God could be are very helpful, I just don't think I am..well a Christian. But what does that even mean? I think Jesus was a great guy.. I think he was a Buddha.. I just don't think I owe anything to a creator, and I get a lot of that vibe in Christianity.. I think we are our own Saviours in a sense. But then there are these glimpses of simplicity and inner peace in Christianity that I do love.. The whole Gospel of Thomas, a gnostic gospel, speaks of inner peace and the kingdom of God being in each of us, and hell being in each of us too if we do not find the perfection in the Now. I guess I am just stuck at 1) picking a group to associate myself with.. 2) Being angry at myself for wanting to label my belief system. Some of you had to have started out as Christians.. How do you do this? Do you still associate with Christianity and Taoism/Buddhism? Do you go down both paths? How did you conquer this, or approach this? Thanks.
  8. Hey folks, Recently I asked you guys for ideas of topics regarding a series of talks I have to give to a group of kids (15-16 yo). It has been going well, right now we are just discussing possible future topics, and what they want to cover within the group. We have discussed two topics so far, one was Gods love, and just love in general. It was a spontaneous topic, but we talked about it because a few days before in their youth group service they discussed sending Gods love to people, but we couldn't really define it, so we talked on that for a bit. Then we discussed what they would do if they won the lottery, how it would affect their lives, as well as their spiritual lives. Any more topic ideas would be amazing. I started a blog so the kids could read a bit more into some of the topics we talk about.
  9. I'm interested in Buddhism, Taoism and various other school of eastern thought. Geeze, I'm sorry if my questions have been suchhh a "nuisance" to some, however, the top of the forums does say its welcomed. So my apologies to all of you and your poor little mouse clicking fingers who may have stumbled upon a post of mine that may have had buddhist traits held with in. As someone who is vastly interested in Eastern philosophies, I find this forum to be helpful in many many subjects, one being Buddhism. I come here if I have a buddhist question, and it gets answered, I come here with a taoist question, it gets answered. I have gained quite a bit of knowledge from users on this forum, no matter their affiliation. I like having Buddhists around, Taoists around, and so forth.. they offer a lot to this place.
  10. Let's talk basics.

    No no, the longer winded the better. : ) I have read your posts before, you seem like a good source to listen to. I appreciate your time and words.
  11. 1) Any tips that may help me within the first stages of my qigong practice? What helped you? Diet, practice times, yoga or meditation to accompany it, celebacy? I've just started Ken Cohens Essential Qigong DVD's and such. Feeling great results already. 2) Any advice on starting the Microcosm Orbit? I've been told to not practice this without a teacher, but there are no qigong teachers in my area (nor any taichi, or any eastern practice places, such as buddhist temples, or meditation centers, for that matter. Very irritating living in the deep south.) Should I still learn to feel the orbit? Or wait till I can find a teacher. Thanks, Fox
  12. Hello friends, I use the word breakthrough very lightly, mainly because I'm sure I'll get a few responses about how no breakthroughs exist, there is only is ..and such.. haha but anyhow, I was just wondering was there any moment where you said to yourself, wow, the program, teaching, mindset, yoga, meditation or etc.. I have been using is really paying off? And what may have triggered this moment? I'd love to hear. I have a few. Besides friends and family noticing my change in mood and the grin that's usually on my face the main one I can think of happened just the other day: I recently gotten into an argument with my parents while at my girlfriends apartment. I was upset, thats one of the few things that gets to me these days-- my family and their on going financial problem, I usually get caught in the middle of their negativity or their short tempers. My girlfriend, sweetly just rubbed my back and said it'll be okay, just take a few moments, and told me to come to the living room whenever I wanted, while she was putting the finishing touches on dinner, I kissed her and told her thanks. As she walked out, I got into half lotus, straightened my back and did a really quick inner smile, and breath meditation. I opened my eyes slowly, couldn't have been longer than a few seconds, and I saw my girlfriend at the end of the hallway staring at me smiling, I smiled back, playfully asking whats up with the grin? Assuming she was laughing at my crossed legs, though I always sit like that these days..So I figured that wasn't the case. She said, I don't know, it was like you closed your eyes and a stillness just over came you, weirdest thing.. but just looking at you..I couldn't help smiling either.. It was so strange, I never mentioned anything of stillness, nor my meditations to her, and knowing I radiated a smile onto her stood as a milestone for me. Share yours! If there was no "breakthrough" feel free to share times from before and after your training and the improvements you feel! -Tyler
  13. I didn't thoroughly read this topic as much as I should have, but this makes me cringe a little.. it always does. I was raised in a Catholic environment but.. a really liberal one... I know, right?? I went to a Catholic highschool which in class we discussed the issues with the church and why the issues mattered, we discussed other peoples views of the church, we discussed world religions and philosophies and how they differed AND COMPLIMENTED one another. And as an unintentional side product, I know believe in various thoughts and they all sort of help us along the way, the path. I became a person who sees how religions compliment one another and how beautiful it is to transcend the ideas of a right way.. A very deep seeded view that I hope you guys can understand without me having to try to get in depth to.. Basically I just am fascinated and inspired by various schools of thought. I did some music work for a catholic church this summer where the priest gave a homily (sermon) on Taoism and how Christianity and Taoism compliment one another, I want to see if I can find the priest (he was just filling in for another, not the usual one) and get a copy of his homily. It was beautiful and opened up the eyes and ears of many. There are many christians who use eastern philosophies to compliment theirs, including priests and preachers. You'll find these people though. You'll find the people who make it about damnation, make it about how to pray how to meditate, they make it about everything but right now.. There are varioussss, numerous, types of Christian meditation. Prayers are very similar to mantras, and if you've read The Accidental Buddhist, you'll find that quakers meditate together once a week, and there is a chapter in that novel that compares it to buddhist meditation. This is what usually grinds my gears.. I have been very at one, at peace with myself, and others, but it just seems when people "don't get it" and they use anger to convey their different opinion, it just sets me back a bit, it's something I am working on. I worked with a girl who wouldn't want us to read her horoscope in the news paper in the mornings because it was wiccan. Sigh.. Okay this was nothing more than a ramble but I'm just saying I can relate and I wish you all the patience in the cosmos.
  14. Yes, the mundane is amazing, thus I guess, making nothing mundane. I don't contribute it to the cosmos though, I think I was just there. I think I was just fully present in a moment and it struck a chord. It has been happening quiteee a bit lately though.