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Hello. I am a young man from Norway, the land of polar bears and vikings. One day when I was wandering around in my garden picking strawberries, I was attacked by the largest polar bear I have ever seen. I thought this was the end, but in a last effort for my life I offered my berries to the bear. It bowed its large head in acceptance, and then levitated up into the snowy clouds that always cover our country.

I understood that the bear really was a sign from Odin that I was to become a shaman, so my quest for ancient lore began. Sadly all the traditions of the vikings were forgotten when my country was christianized, so I had to go other places in my shamanic quest. There are many sites about 'meditation' on the net that are as useless as the mushrooms that grow behind my house, so I was very happy when Odin guided me here to the taobums.


Actually I just started practising the microcosmic orbit and that kind of stuff. I don't really believe in odin or plan to become a shaman. At least not yet :D

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