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Dear Padawan


You should be aware that sexual practice is only a SMALL part of Master Chia's system.

In Master Chia's sexual practice, seminal retention is the LAST step of the practice.


First step - Inner Smile and Opening the Lesser Orbit.

Second step - Testicle Breathing

Third step - Scrotal Compression


Each of these practices are to be done one at a time.

If you want to advance quicker in the sexual practice, you should study the practices, the context of the practices and the proper technology...

You need to study them twice as much as you practice...

Get into human biology, buy yourself a good anatomy book.


All of the above build up VERY large amounts of sexual energy, more than just seminal retention alone.

So, the NEXT important question you need to answer TO YOURSELF is, what do I do with this new-found Qi?


Seminal retention will occur naturally, IF your sexual energy develops other APPROPRIATE routes inside the body.

If not, the Qi will become stagnant, and you could easely develop all kinds of conditions.


Best of luck. Do it right, or you'll thicken the pack of those that belittle it.


If you're an engineer, go with it as an engineer. I couldn't imagine a better way to do it, actually :D





If this message is of help to you, PLEASE do me a favor and let others know about it. You could copy/paste it all over the place if necessary.

A lot of young men start doing these practices, unfortunatelly without proper understanding, and they usually end up badly....

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Thanks little one, I think I did not give enough emphasis to steps 2 and 3 and that made me to develop a series of conditions next to my seminal retention use (such as cholitis, for example)

thanks and blessings


The mexican engineer Chi Kung Padawan


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