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  1. Circumcision and qi

  2. Circumcision and qi

  3. Circumcision and qi

    Well actually according to the Bible, Abraham had his most important son, Isaac, one year after circumcision, being a doble miracle, cause both Abraham and his wife Sarah had not had mutual children before that and both were ver old. (Abraham had had another kid before, but not with Sarah: Ismael). So, well, no, it did not fell off ...but it was a good joke, nevertheless...
  4. 2012 is not the end of the world

    Oh, Now I hope that this ACTUALLY BE the end of all the series of books and lectures talking about the possible end of the world that year! Mayan Elder! hip hip hurray hip hip hurray!
  5. How close are you to your top energy levels?

    Ups sorry, I did not know how to program the poll to be able to select multiple answers... nevertheless I think your answer is more interesting that just clicking a pair of options of a poll, but can you please detail to us some of the techniques? specially the ones abreviated (KAP, BKS) and in the case of more sleep it would be interesting to know, how much more sleep, or which were your main changes in diet. Your friend Davy
  6. Circumcision and qi

  7. sex with entities

  8. Circumcision and qi

  9. Circumcision and qi

  10. How close are you to your top energy levels?

    By the way, has anyone tried some HGH (Human Growth Hormone)? There are homeopatic and allopatic terapies and doses... I know that the allopatic method is inject it directly via intramuscular. The homeopatic remedies are cheaper and are only sprays or pills or such, I bought some formulations from , and such with some results but nothing to be impressed. Have a good time The Chi Kung Padawan So Richard Bandler , huh? Well It seems its an author I have to give a second chance to... I read partially frogs into princes time ago and did not like it....I will have to search for the book or course you say...
  11. Circumcision and qi

  12. Circumcision and qi

    Hi I want to know if there is anything written or if someone knows how is qi affected by circumcision. It is now clear to me that they are intimately related. I was circumcised a month ago to defeat a problem of fimosis that was not diagnosed in my childhood (or my parent failed in saying what the doctors really said so I did not make the exercises necessary for my penis be well, I discovered this condition in me just some months ago) The point is that even when the recovery of the injury of operation has been slow, I have seen a significant improvement in my physique, my face looks younger, I have lost fat and my humor is better. My cholitis has almost dissappeared (this last one, as predicted by doctors before circumsicion). Any comments Thank you Chi Kung Padawan
  13. Thanks little one, I think I did not give enough emphasis to steps 2 and 3 and that made me to develop a series of conditions next to my seminal retention use (such as cholitis, for example) thanks and blessings The mexican engineer Chi Kung Padawan
  14. How close are you to your top energy levels?

  15. Can we REALLY KNOW anything in life?

    I think that we can know ONE thing and it is the most important one: We can know if we progressed and made our best effor to do things right or not! Blessings DAvy