Wuxing Analyisis and Fire or Water Method

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Hey guys I just got my wuxing analysis which is suppose to help guide you to practices more suited for the individual. Depending on the chart it lets you know which method is best for you so you can balance out and harmonize. Well i have A BIG defiency in wood, water, metal. I have normal fire and ALOT of excess earth. So Fire methods would seem to exaberate that imbalance (I am really attracted to fire methods) But that might be a bad thing sense I find them hard and exausting. Anyway i plan On getting BK's book of relaxing into being. I know there is no pure water or fire method but of these methods which ones are more fire and water.

shibashi Tai chi


chi gung

inner smile

secret smile

6 sounds


5 animal frolics

zhan zuang

deep breathing/dantein breathing, applying the 3 locks ect..

water visualization meditation (I ask because its a Visulaization)

moon mediatation/ Moon is realted stronlgy to water but is an astral body, So?


Also any water practices I should do? Any tips on how to fix the imbalance. Oh Im yin earth person in case that matters.

Thanks guys Its abig help

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wood (wind), water and metal(stone)








five elements



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Here you go my fellow tao bum :)

I do think they sould be used to determine proper practice for the individual. Maybe thats why we see some cultivators/healers/alchemist die young because they are causing an imbalance in the body with practice,nutrition, art Ect ect I dont know maybe im off :unsure:

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