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  1. Would anyone know how to integrate performance breathing from scott sonnon and Bruce's water method form of breathing?
  2. Thanks guys for all the responses! I will take alot of it into consideration... I definatley wasn't talking of doing both at the same time, just wondering if they complimented each other nicely. In regards to the article related to the tilted vessel, I have seen that article and consider it full of nothing but Buddhist dogma even when he claims that he is not being dogmatic and I generally disagree with the whole view. Also where can I find those awesome articles from Geoff Dixon?
  3. So My whole physical regimen is based off of scott sonnons work, Things like Intu-flow, ageless mobility and kettle bell work. Anyhow I was wondering if That and Inner dissolving meditation would compliment eachother. Thanks guys!
  4. Its an awesome dvd. Actually seeing the movement of the body happening and hearing it explained is alot more satifying that reading it. You gain an appreciation for how amazing the method is and how much work you have to do until you can do it. Highly reccomended
  5. Basic Ba Gua book recommendation

    UMM when it comes to walking, yes you can. I dont care what they want to say, anatomy is anatomy, movement is movement. If he is walking that way more forces are being placed on the knees than what is healthy according to modern standards. This is what I mean dude by mumbo jumbo, its just NOT the case, atleast not in this situation.He may do it his whole life and feel nothing, there are are many factors at play as to why he woud or wouldnt feel pain which does not mean that he is not causing damage. Progressive Damage can be done with no pain felt ever. The reason that it is unhealthy is because walking is one of mans most basic, foundational and essential functions. AND WE DONT WALK THAT WAY and did not evolve to do so. The joints, ligaments and structures of the legs and pelvis are not designed to handle forces in that way. not to mention that if u do that enough your burning those habits into your nervous system which is going to carry over to normal walkiing in some way. So that maybe the right muscles dont fire at the right time durning normal activity. I value ancient wisdom as much as anyone here but some things are obsolete because of modern knowledge. Oh on a side note im glad we can al talk without getting upset.
  6. zhang zhuang and the eyes

    Thanks for all the responses guys! I like closing my eyes as well. So when you guys say internal phenomena you mean, sensations, posture, emotions and such? Also sirius I know I see BK closing his eyes during zhang zhuang, I would also say it is mediation at some level. And if eyes are not closed what do they do in your opinion? Also can ALL postures like the tiger and dragon and archer from the way of power be done eyes closed or should they be open? Even if eyes are open, the focus should still all be internal on aformentioned list above?
  7. Basic Ba Gua book recommendation

    that guy is walking toes firstf. they hit the ground before the heel. walking in any other way besides heel first is gonna put undue stress in the lower body.
  8. Basic Ba Gua book recommendation

    YES! that what I just said! They work, I have never been able to apply force in such a way. Against frinds who were alot stronger then me, I can psuh them around applying some of the principals I have learned so far.
  9. Basic Ba Gua book recommendation

    Okay I wont reply to alot of the above because I dont care about his lineage. And regardless they WORK, creating force I never could have dreamed of. I lift weights and have done muay thai which is about power is a very destructive way. So again I dont see what your argument is. Even if he did create them the originals were created by someone. Were they more magical or something? Of course it took them long know more about proper movement now. Of course working on chi gung is different that hitting the gym AGAIN we are talking somatics here. Muscles twsiting and stretching for power is bullshit although I knw what he means by that. Walking as we are designed for it is heel first then toes. There is a whole host of muscles reponsible for stablazing the knee and lower back as we walk and they have to fire in a sequence to be healthy. The glutes and hamstrings play a big roll, and the heel first and toes after is imporatnt so that they can kick and do their job to the take the many hundreds of pounds of force created by walking off of the knee. The tradiional form of bagua is toes first heels after. Which takes the glutes out of stabalzing the force of contact with the ground and places the shear force more on quads than on right muscles. This creates normal malking patterns which will not fire properly, slowly wair out the knee joint itself, put addttioanl force on the lower back and jsut genarlly be bad for posture. hence why many people complain about knee and pain in bagua. Its bad for you. simple.
  10. Basic Ba Gua book recommendation

    but see we are going in cirlces here because there are alot of internal training methods in regrds similar to the "lions opnes it mouth" posture in jiulong, Specific to jiulong like the other is specific to yin bagua. I dont see the what we are discussing really And you keep using the analogy of a figher in another art walking a cricle. That just doesnt apply here. These are bagua palms and palm changes were talking about, not boxing mixed into a circle. All that you talking about is really good structure, body mechanics and proprioception in realtion to specific technique. Thats not mystical, I guess I misunderstood what you meant but modern science gives us alot of that already. There is no need for a lineage pursay, they dont own the patent. Then what if different sects have different internal processes. Which one is bagua? Oh by the way like I said earlier the way they walk in traditional bagua is a disaster on a biomechanical level. Its a good way to fuck yourself up with time, YET its is taught as if it is beneficial. It is not and does not apply to combat. So tradition to me is shit unless validated in modern science when it comes physical movement. I know you practice alot of BK's stuff and I know his opinion on IMA's and teachers/tradition. But i disagree as arrogant as it may sound
  11. no that makes perfect sense. But not everyone pays attention to the lesson as if the practice alone is enough. sounds good though and again good luck with the process
  12. In my expirience chackras are not actually energy vortices but metaphors for aspects of life and existence. Either way if they are dificient I would advise to try and look for a deeper cause, either mental or physical for such a defiency. Patching it up may work temporarily but unless the core issue is corrected, whatever that may be, your gonna end in the same place because that the tendency that created it will most likely still be there.
  13. Well thats fine, sexual energy is the libido, the drive for all things really. It can help, but dont strain, either to supress or store. Sexual energy is our most powerful source. If too much stores you go BOOM but is suppose what you are doing is temporary and goal orientated, so goo luck and be careful
  14. Basic Ba Gua book recommendation

    That sucks man, I wish you luck and it is my hope that the money will appear somehow so that you can afford it. Just pay attention for it Its moot because the distinction your making is way to subtle and like i said "mystical" for me to see any real value to it. I do not belive that there is some sort of ABSOLUTE truth when it comes to the Internal arts, chi gung ECT.. to me it ALL related to somatic psycology and archetypal influences. So there is wiggle room, If it looks like, feels like and fights like bague yet doesnt contain some really esoteric notion related to traditional lineages of bagua, i really dont see how that matters in my view of what all this is. Its bagua by the very spirit of it regardless of what small internal distinctions are present. It bagua because the internal and external are one and not separate. Jiulong is a modern interpretation, the internal world of modern man is different now, so too must be the practices and somatics he expriences. ALL things must change to remain true.