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Found 4 results

  1. Happy Thankgiving

    Peace and contentment on this day of thanks in the USA!
  2. Thank you ....

    Hello Everyone ... and greetings from Chicago, IL. First and foremost let me say, "Thank You" to each and every person who has made this website available. Up to this point I've only had the opportunity to peruse the website, but I sincerely appreciate the the opportunity to participate and to continue as a life-long learner. I'm truly excited to begin the exploration, to learn, offer what I can, and to be part of such a wonderful community. Geoffrey
  3. thanks for the welcome

    Hi all !! This is pathfyndr. Happy to know that there are so many fellow wayfarers. May our deepest wishes , yearnings take us beyond our presumed destiny. Love rules supreme!!!
  4. Tao Bums Camping

    One of my highest compliments I offer in this life is to say "I'd like to go camping with you" I'm truly amazed at how many Bums I'd love to have a chance to go camping with... thanks Bums, I'd love to go camping with you!