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  1. Jade Sutra Methods?

    First credit to Trunk for writing a concise outline of the spiritual path called the "Jade Sutra." I have been struck by the simplicity and usefulness of this model. There are three pillars in this outline. As a beginner I would like suggestions/input on the efficacy of what I am doing. I am 52 I don't have time to waste 20 years figuring out what works. 1 st Pilliar "Opening the Channels" I have been trying to use the "Great Sky or Macrocosmic Orbit" after six months to one year of the "Microcosmic Orbit." to open my chi channels. (Reference "Dantian Qigong"-I Dudukchan. I have also been doing in Wuji Gong as in the DVD by Cheng Bingsong twice a day. 2 nd Pilliar "Centering" Meditating by just keeping my attention on the lower dan tian. 3 rd Pillar "Integrating heaven and Earth" Sung breathing while doing Zhan Zhuang. Any pointers would be welcome. Thanks---Dan